All kinds of kitfo!

I want to teach you a recipe of food that is called Kitfo (Kitfo – epersianfood). The point is that my classmates and I are planning to make it for our graduation. It’s both convenient and cheap and tasty. The number of guests we have invited is not large. It’s a party at my friend’s villa. The day before we are going to decorate the house and when to cook and prepare the dishes the same day. I was supposed to write the kitfo recipe and buy the materials needed to make it at my friend’s house that same day. One of my friends is making dessert, another salad, another soup, another donut .


In fact, we’ve done the division. Decorating kitfo is also by me. I’ve been reading different cookbooks for a few days now to learn about cooking tasty kitfo . And I write down all the notes in the note book. I have learned some interesting things about Kitfo that I would like to share with you here.

Materials you can make kitfo with them:

The most important ingredient is meat. It depends on yourself what kind of meat to use. But keep in mind any kind of meat such as pork, beef, turkey, etc, can be used . The only meat I recommend not use in this dish is chicken .It does not taste good in this dish unless you mix it a little with beef.

Of course, I decide to make two types of kitfo s. One for people on a diet and the other one is fatty. Let me first tell you how to make a diet type . In this kitfo I use lean meat. I cut the meat and pour a little water into the pot. I chop the onion and pour it into the pot with the meat. Let it cook for about half an hour. Then I add some spices like salt and pepper.


Chop the potatoes and carrots and boil each in a separate pot with some steaming water, then add some lemon juice and salt. We also cook peas and corn. I also boil a few eggs and put them in the dish. You can add some mint or other vegetables. This dish sauce is lemon juice.

This type of recipe is suitable for obese and dieters. Serve in a suitable and desired dish. Be careful not to confuse materials.

Kitfo recipe with butter and cheese:

First, cook the ingredients you want to put next to the kitfo. I fry some potato chips. Then I pour it in the desired plate. Stir cream, with some lemon juice and pepper in bowl and pour on a small bowl and place a mint leaf on top of the sauce then put the bowl on the plate . I cut the breads into triangles and cut them to the side of the plate. In this way, I add the meat at the last moment. Because the meat must be hot to make the butter and cheese melt.


Mince the meat and mix with the onion and garlic. Add the spices. Add a little oil in the pan and sauté the meat. It takes about 15 minutes. Then pour the meat into the plate and immediately put the butter on it then pour the cheese on the butter. The combination of materials makes it great.

There are other recipes for Kitfo but this one is more popular than others. I’m sure the guests will enjoy this meal and the celebration will go well. I will share a photo of our dinner table to you . And if you made kitfo and you liked it send kitfo s photo to me . have a nice day .


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