Bandung Travel Guide for Unforgettable Moment

Bandung is now the second largest metropolitan city in Indonesia after the national capital, Jakarta. Bandung offers tourists a balanced mix of modernity, backdrop, culture, and some trendy character scenes. Right from the heart of the city, you’ll find its commercial and business district that is still bustling with fine dining areas and fashion boutiques lining a line. Learn more about the city of Bandung through the following interesting articles.

What Makes Bandung Interesting

With a relaxed city atmosphere and beautiful natural environment, Bandung offers various exciting things that are a mixture of European and Asian civilizations. The city is very famous for its own architectural stones, most of which are remnants of its past history. Built with an Indo-European architectural design, Villa Isola is one of the city’s landmarks always heavily visited by tourists. This beautiful architecture stands out for its two gardens and provides the best views of the city.

Another great building in Bandung also consists of Gedung Sate built using a mix of architectural styles including Spanish-Moorish, Italian, French, Thai, and Balinese. The Cipaganti Mosque was developed in 1933 and this is the only mosque in the European residential area.

Furthermore, Bandung is famous for its buildings, such as Gedung Merdeka, famous as the first Asian-African summit venue. Grand Hotel Preanger – an extraordinary building designed using a blend of art deco design and environmental culture as well as West ITB and East Hall – some of the very large Indies architectural design structures that also hold the distinction of being the oldest technical institute in Indonesia. For a glimpse of the nation’s geology, take a tour of the Bandung Geological Museum, which is housed in stunning art-deco construction.

Since the fusion of culture and art, Bandung has introduced some exciting things from Saung Angklung Udjo, where children hold a festival of traditional carvings and beautiful bamboo music.

Bandung at Night

The nightlife in Bandung is probably the best in Indonesia. Whether you want to spend the evening in a cozy cafe or in a bustling pub or bar or just spend time on the city streets, there are too many choices. It can be hard to choose which should come first. A number of options are offered to individuals interested in a more enjoyable nightlife through Amare, Amnesia and Embassy.

If the pub and club lifestyle doesn’t appeal to you, check out the night food market on Jalan Cibadak, where you can enjoy delicious Chinese cuisine. Likewise, the hilly areas in Bandung, with their pleasant atmosphere and stunning views, will also be the perfect place for a night out. For those looking for a daring nightlife, a fantastic alternative is to visit a hot spring hotel to relax your body by massaging yourself in the saltwater pool.

What to Explore in Bandung

If you want to enjoy something different during your vacation in Bandung, check out one of the villages to enjoy rams fighting. You may even decide to take a trip to the nearby scenic areas, the most famous of which are Taman Safari Bogor, also known as the ‘City of Rain,’ ‘Puncak – a trendy spot between Bandung and Bogor, Lake Patenggang which offers the perfect foundation from which to enjoy its nature beauty while fishing and boating. Also, don’t miss a visit to Lembang, a city of uphill hotels and Tangkuban Perahu – an active volcano containing many springs.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts or urban attractions, extra research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Bandung by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.