Disability And Accessibility: Things To Know

Disability and accessibility are closely linked. This is why we must first understand the obstacles encountered by people with disabilities in their daily lives to understand the role of accessibility example with hand control driving aids.

What Regulations Apply To The Disabled?

Like the ERP, the installations open to the public depend on the decrees and orders. Here too, some IOPs are part of an existing built environment and others that are new. Accessibility standards, therefore, differ depending on.

ERP Accessibility

What does the term ERP refer to? And well to all establishments open to the public, that is to say, private or public places that welcome customers or users other than employees: shopping centers, shops, banks, hotels, bars and restaurants, hospitals, places of worship, public services such as town halls, educational establishments such as universities, cultural places, sports establishments such as stadiums, amusement parks.

It should be noted that the ERP are classified in categories ranging from 1 to 5, according to their capacity to receive the public, but also in types symbolized by letters to identify their nature. There are many standards and regulations for the accessibility of establishments open to the public, but they include differences between new public buildings and those of an existing built environment.

The ERP accessibility concerns surrounding and inside the building, which also includes all the services offered there. Let’s take a look at the leading solutions that exist! You will see that you already know some of them.

  • PMR parking space
  • The surroundings of the building
  • PRM parking spaces
  • Guide strips
  • Sound beacon
  • Entrance ramps for wheelchair users
  • The interior of the building
  • Secure stairs as indicated above
  • Vigilance awakening tactile strips
  • Pictograms
  • Reception desk with adapted furniture and PRM tablet
  • Magnetic induction loops
  • Accessible seating
  • Tactile nails to indicate the descent of stairs

Note that guide dogs for the visually impaired are the only animals to be accepted everywhere! This is normal since they represent a natural mobility aid for the blind and visually impaired. Not to mention that they have had an exceptional education and know-how to behave in public!