How to Avoid Makeup Fatigue

If you’re one of the smarter online shoppers out there, you have probably used the pandemic to get some of the products you’ve been interested in for a while, on a discount. With shops trying to revive their sales as much as possible, they are giving away some of the most attractive sales you can take advantage of. But if some of your purchases involve makeup, there’s now the question of what to do next. 

Granted, you’ve saved a lot on your purchases, but because you don’t have as many events and social opportunities to wear makeup on, they might be sitting on your desk waiting to be worn. And by the time you do get those opportunities, you might not be interested in the makeup you bought. Wouldn’t that be just a waste of money? 

Here’s how to prevent makeup fatigue brought on by the pandemic:

Plan your looks ahead of time

When you just look at your makeup without any idea what to do with them, that will not motivate you to take them out of their packaging and actually use them. One way to raise your motivation is by looking at makeup looks you can recreate, or checking out Pinterest for some trendy makeup you can use your new purchases on. Go ahead and plan to make some outrageous, out-of-this-world looks. You don’t have to push through with them; at this point, your goal is just to get your excitement and creative juices flowing. 

Think of the outfits you’ll wear when you go out

It helps to conceptualize a look when you have to think of all the pieces from head to toe. Choose the first item that you absolutely can’t wait to wear, then create the look around it. It might be a new shirt you bought or an old skirt you’ve been dying to wear again. It can also be the eyebrow makeup for sale that you’ve been planning to wear with your red lipstick. The cornerstone piece doesn’t have to be big, as long as it’s something you are excited to wear again. 

Try your new products now

Sure, you may be stuck at home, but that shouldn’t stop you from experimenting and having fun with your beauty products. Even under lockdown, you should still care for your skin, and you should still seize opportunities to look your best. For those Zoom meetings, go ahead and take a couple of minutes to look presentable. Dab on some tinted moisturizer and a layer of lip gloss or lip tint. Add some blue for a naturally rosy look. And finally, make sure you have good lighting so that everyone can see and give compliments on your look.

There are plenty of things to buy online, and the temptation is definitely hard to resist. But if you are spending money on things you thought you’d enjoy, you should not waste that money spent. Use your purchases wisely and make sure they don’t just pile up in a corner until they reach their expiration date.