How to play online slots- Strategies to improve your odds?

Online slots provide nonstop entertainment thanks to innovative themes, explosive graphics, and thrilling bonus rounds. But with outcomes decided randomly, is there any strategy involved? While online slot results depend solely on chance, there are still smart tactics you apply to tilt luck slightly in your favor.

Focus on high RTP slots

All slots have a programmed RTP (return to player) percentage representing how much the game pays back over many spins. Online slots usually range from 92-97% RTP.  Seeking out titles with 97% or higher RTP gives you the best statistical odds for winning over extended play. Check slot RTPs and focus your play on generous games.

Take advantage of free spins

Beats free spins since online casinos for australian players players cost you nothing to play. Take advantage of casino promotions offering batches of complimentary spins to use on certain games. Free spins let you win actual bonuses and payouts without cutting into your real money balance. They also help you assess games without financial risk before committing actual funds.

 Play demo modes first 

Similarly, use free-play demo modes to test different online slots first before wagering real cash. Play games before you decide if you like the graphics and sounds or if you want to learn more about bonus features being comfortable with slots in free play makes for smarter real-money bets. You strategize and develop preferences with zero risks.

 Start small with bets

Online slots allow incrementally increasing your bet amount. Start low to assess games before increasing bets. Conservative starting wagers extend playtime and bankroll. Max betting out the gate leads to fast losses. Play many rounds at lower amounts first. You always raise bets later once you observe payout patterns and bonus frequencies.

Avoid branded slots

Slots based on movies, celebrities, bands, and TV shows are alluring but generally have lower payout rates. Game developers must pay hefty licensing fees for intellectual property, which hurts RTP. You’re better off playing non-branded games designed purely to maximize entertainment value and payouts. Leave branded slots for casual play rather than serious betting.

 Bet max on progressives 

When playing slots with progressive jackpots that increase over time, be sure to bet maximum credits each spin. Progressive prizes only pay at max bets. Lower wagers on progressives exclude you from the top prize. You want flexibility to win the life-changing jackpot if luck strikes. So keep your bets high.


It’s tempting to rapidly escalate bet size after losing spins in hopes of quickly recouping money. But dramatically increasing bets while on tilt leads to huge losses. Avoid chasing behaviors. Stick to a pre-planned betting amount per spin. Accept small sample statistical realities of both winning and losing streaks. Stay calm and don’t chase.

 Know when to walk away

Similar to chasing losses, make sure you quit when you’re reasonably ahead. Resist the urge to plow all your winnings back into slots while hot. Winning streaks eventually end. Lock in profits by moving some winnings back to your bank account. Smart quitting while ahead maintains positive momentum.