How To Validate Email Id?

Email validation is something that is necessary for getting the latest updates from the apps or sites that you’ve registered on. If your email address is not verified, it will not be stored in the company’s account and you will not receive any mail from them. Even if they try to send it to you, the mail would bounce back. Here are some benefits of email validation-

A good reputation:

Email validation is very important for your company profile. If the mails sent by your company bounces back more frequently, then there are chances that your mails can go to the spam section which is ignored by most of the people. The bounce back rate shouldn’t be more than 2%. Email validation API protects your mails from going in the span section.

Pocket friendly:

Getting an email validation API can be a little costly but it will give you long term benefits. If your emails land up in the correct place, then your work would be done. This means that getting an email validation API is a good investment.

Helps in getting leads:

Sending mails to genuine leads helps in getting genuine customers. Sending mails to a person who doesn’t have a validated account is just a waste of time and energy. To improve your sales, you must know your audience and the target group. Only then can you achieve success.

A good engagement:

When all the unnecessary and incorrect email ids are removed, only the genuine ones receive the mail. This means that people who are interested in your business and have validated their account are receiving the mail. There are chances that these people will engage more and react to your mails in a more positive way.

Removes useless data:

And Email validation API helps in easy verification and removes all the unnecessary data. An API helps in detecting all the wrong email addresses and domains which can cause bouncing back of mails. Please note that this software is not 100% accurate but it still reduces the chances of bouncing to 80%. 

You can check for the wrong mail ids manually when the number is less but when there are mails in bulk, then you need an API to shortlist the wrong mail ids. There are many companies that provide you with the email validation API. You just need to look for the best one. 


Email validation is an important step required to remove all the incorrect mail ids from your system so that every time you send a mail to a targeted group, it doesn’t bounce back. Bouncing back of mails is a negative sign for your company as it can automatically move your mails to the spam section if the rate of bouncing back goes more than 2%. 

If you have to send mail to a bulk of people, then email validation API is the best option for you as it removes all the incorrect mail ids. By doing this, you are sending mail to the right audience and thus, the chances of bouncing back reduces.