Hampshire is a fine choice for anyone wishing to move into the beautiful coastal countryside. It is one of the most desirable places to live in England, and it is very popular for those looking to move out of more urban cities like London. Travel in and around the county is quite good with several avenues and daily commutes available. The picturesque villages, lovely coastal areas, and stunning countryside are just some of the reasons why large numbers of people move to Hampshire every year. And if you want the highest quality of housing in the county, then you will have to spend a fair amount of cash. Luckily for you though, we have compiled a list of five of the most expensive and finest places you can buy property in Hampshire.

  1. Brockenhurst (Average property price of £951,076)

Brockenhurst is situated in the heart of the New Forest National Park, and it is the most expensive place you can buy property in Hampshire. It is a thriving village and is one of the largest in the whole county. It is a city full of charm and there a lot of beautiful places you can explore. The city has some fantastic social amenities, as well as top-class restaurants, pubs, and retail outlets. The daily commute is quite simple as a railway route runs through the city. With the high price (even for property cash buyers) comes a high level of housing quality.

  1. Lymington (Average property price of £551,436)

This city is well regarded as a sailing resort and that means a lot of activities and places are created with a maritime theme. If you are a boat-lover or you just want to be somewhere where you can breathe in the ocean, then Lymington is a great choice. The properties can be a bit expensive but there is a lot to see, do and enjoy here.

  1. Alresford (Average property price of £679,497)

Alresford is a booming Georgian market town and it constantly attracts thousands of visitors with its beautiful views, a plethora of shops and attractions, as well as the strong local community. The city comes with a very relaxed style of living, and the beautiful country walks and clear streams definitely add to the serenity and overall quality of life in Alresford. There is a wide range of properties available, from modern bungalows to medieval townhouses. Your favorite type of house is most likely available here in Alresford.

  1. Winchester (Average property price of £582,936)

A lovely and historical cathedral city, Winchester is the ancient capital of England. Here, you will find a seamless blend of city life and countryside living. It is probably known best for being the city that houses the Great Hall, where the mysterious King Arthur’s Round table is located. The fine architecture in Winchester is one of the reasons why it is such an expensive place to buy property, but it is still one of the most desirable places in England.

  1. Lyndhurst (Average property price of £658,768)

This beautiful town is commonly referred to as the Capital of the New Forest by the locals. It is a glorious location for anyone to buy some property and that is why the price is so high. The quality of housing here is immense and there are many facilities for you to enjoy, as well as some beautiful scenery in Lyndhurst.

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