Tips for scoring high in fantasy cricket

Fantasy cricket is a fever that has definitely caught on with time and that is a rage particularly among the younger people who have taken to this like water to fish. Now that the fantasy games are actually a way of life for a few people, you can expect fantasy experts to come out and do well in this format of betting which is a hobby for some and an income source for some others. Now if things keep working out well for you in the fantasy game, it can certainly give you more than just your pocket money so here we have for you our free cricket betting tips which help you score a lot better in the fantasy cricket game.

Fantasy cricket always has an uncontrollable intangible attached to it which is luck. Since the performance of your team is in the hands of individuals who are vulnerable to bad performances, it may not always work out for you. But if you keep a few basics steady, more often than not, it is likely to keep you afloat in the fantasy cricket game, if not get you winning.

The basics right here is a flexible approach when you pick your team. It is important that when you pick your team, you do not look at the reputation but see people who would fit into the scheme of things when it comes to your combination. The key to a good combination is distribution of points. If the points are distributed properly in a manner which gives you enough points to pick all kinds of players who can pick points up, maybe not as individuals but overall, as a team, is the key to success here. What we mean when we say this is that you should not be emotional about your favorite players when you pick your team, pick a team which would do better on the day in the conditions.

The choice of the captain is always a big factor when it comes to these apps. It is the captain who earns twice of normal players and if you choose the captain properly, he can make up for a player who does not perform well in the game. You have to accept that one or two players are going to falter, it is a game after all. You may not get all your players performing for you but if your captain and vice-captain choices are good, you may have a good run in the game.

Also, important is picking up players who are multi-dimensional. By multi-dimensional here, we do not just mean the allrounders, but also the wicket keepers or players who can be floaters in the batting order or those who can give an over or two. Like Glenn Maxwell, is a quintessential batsman but he often comes in and gives an over or two. This is always handy as you know on a pitch that suits him, you can get a lot out of him.

It is also critical that the players who are doing well recently are backed. The players who do well in a particular series are often likely to continue their form on. The reason for this is the liking that they have developed for certain conditions. Rohit Sharma was often known as a limited overs player but in difficult English conditions, we saw him perform like a champion test player. So, it is critical that we pick players dependent on how they are performing in certain conditions and against a particular opposition. These tips can help you get better at the fantasy game.