What Is A Bounce House?

A bounce house is an inflatable play structure. Bounce house rentals near me can be set up in your backyard or in the basement. The good thing about them is that they are safe. The inflatable material used makes them durable and easy to set up. They are also much safer than a mattress. In addition, they are relatively easy to transport.

Inflatable structures were invented by John Scurlock

In 1959, John Scurlock invented the first inflatable structure, a bounce house. While working as an engineer in Louisiana, he noticed employees jumping on the tennis court covers. This inspired Scurlock to create an inflatable structure for kids. He later started a business that would build and sell moonwalks. Inflatable structures are also known as bounce houses and inflatable domes.

Inflatable structures were originally designed for sports purposes. John Scurlock, an engineer in Shreveport, Louisiana, was studying tennis courts when he became fascinated by the way that people could play tennis on an inflatable court cover. The inventor saw a potential in a fun game and began designing inflatable structures for sports events and amusement parks. His inventions soon led to a thriving business in the industry. In addition to moonwalks and bounce houses, Scurlock also invented a safety air cushion that is used by firefighters in emergency situations.

They are used for recreational fun

Bounce Houses are large plastic structures that are filled with air. They are a great way to bring an extra level of excitement to a birthday party, weekend playdate, or other special event. Most bounce houses are meant for children but some can accommodate adults. Inflatable bounce houses are a great way to keep kids active for hours.

Trampolines are also a good alternative to bounce houses because they require less set-up and are easier to clean. These inflatable trampolines can be set up on any flat surface and only need to be cleaned occasionally. However, there are a few disadvantages to bounce houses and trampolines. Some doctors and pediatricians are against using them as they are a potentially hazardous toy.

They are made of durable materials

There are several durable materials used to build Bounce Houses. Nylon is one of the most common materials used to build bouncers. It is inexpensive and lightweight. Nylon is a very strong material and is also mildew-resistant. Polyester is another durable material. It is strong, but it also absorbs water and is difficult to dry after it has been wet.

PVC or polyvinyl chloride is another durable material used in making bounce houses. It is the same material as vinyl, but without the plasticizers. This material is most commonly used in commercial bounce houses. Although PVC is very durable and flexible, it is also bulky and heavy. In addition to being heavy, PVC bounce houses are difficult to handle. If you don’t have the time to build a bounce house yourself, it may be better to rent one.

They are easy to set up

The first step in setting up a bounce house business is securing the appropriate location. Ensure that the area is level and free from sharp objects or debris. If the area is outdoors, you may want to tarp it to make the setting more secure. The best surface for a bounce house is relatively level grass or concrete. Once the bounce house is inflated, you can place anchors at the base of the bounce house.

The next step is to ensure the safety of all participants. It is vital to supervise your event to make sure that all children are safe and happy. Make sure to follow height and weight restrictions. Also, ensure that the blower is working properly and that there are no obstructions in the airflow. Also, always remember to remind children not to lean over railings of slides. You can buy bounce houses that have additional features, such as water elements.

They are easy to clean

There are several ways to keep bounce houses clean and in good condition. For example, you can use a bleach-free disinfectant wipe. These wipes are easy to apply to any surface and can kill germs and remove tough stains and grime. You should be extra generous when applying them around the railings, sidewalls and landings. You can also use OdoBan, which removes unpleasant odors and leaves a fresh scent.

When cleaning a bounce house, you should thoroughly inspect it to ensure it is clean. The best way to do this is to take your time. By being methodical, you will save yourself time, effort and headaches. Moreover, you will be less likely to make mistakes if you do not rush through the process.