What to Ask Yourself During a Decluttering Process

Decluttering has many benefits such as more space, reduced stress levels, and a tidier environment. All these are possible when decluttering is appropriately done. Decluttering gone wrong will leave you with more regrets than satisfaction. To enjoy the maximum benefits of minimizing your possessions, you can use this list of questions as a guide:

Should I keep these items?

For items you said yes to, these items go to the pile of stuff you will surely keep. On the same note, if you instinctively said no to keeping the things in question, this stuff goes to the discard pile. Items you intend to dispose of can be taken care of by professionals from Junk Haulers Evergreen.

This first question requires a definite yes and no. For items you can’t decide on yet, it is helpful to have more considerations.

Do I need these?

This is one of the questions to ask yourself when torn between keeping and discarding things. Some decisions are more intuitive to make than others. Doubting the significance of certain things in your life shows how your attachment to them is potentially beyond practical reasons.

As you ask yourself if you need that extremely small and highly expensive handbag, think about what the purpose of this bag is for you. In this situation, you might’ve been amused by the stylish minute handbag when you first saw it. If this bag doesn’t fit your lifestyle, it can go.

Am I going to use these?

Recall the last time you used the item. If you recall feeling great about the item at that time, it’s here to stay. On the contrary, if throwing this item away still doesn’t feel right, try asking the next question for better clarity.

How often have I used these?

Think about how many times you’ve used the item since you bought it. If you end up having to convince yourself about using this piece(s), let others enjoy this stuff better. Contemplating using an item takes up energy, whether you like it or not. It can be confusing, and this is not efficient for anyone.

A pair of shoes that’s an inch smaller than your size are painful to wear. If you are unable to replace them with perfectly fitting ones, your feet are better off without this almost fantastic pair. In the long run, it won’t matter how limited the edition was.

Could I get something like these again if I need them?

Items that are high in usage deserve a space in your home. Take a white top as an example. If you don’t feel as confident wearing it, but you frequently need it, keep it until you find a white top that hugs your body perfectly. Until then, this useful shirt is here to stay.

Getting rid of your personal belongings is not an easy task. If the amount of stuff you’ve accumulated is negatively affecting your life, gather all the courage you need to undertake the task. At times, the more things you own, the more that they hold you back.