Discover the charms of Maharashtra’s Cultural Capital: Where Heritage Meets Modernity

Pune, commonly referred to as the “Oxford of the East,” is a thriving metropolis that can be found in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It is one of the oldest cities in the nation with a long history that goes back more than 1,600 years. Pune is renowned for fusing ancient and modern elements, giving tourists a singular experience. Pune provides visitors with a varied and informative experience because of its rich cultural legacy, educational institutions, historical sites, and natural beauty.

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There are several places to visit in Pune. Provided below are some places to visit in Pune:

  1. Shaniwar Wada: In the centre of Pune, Maharashtra, India, you may find the mediaeval fortification and castle known as Shaniwar Wada. As a representation of Pune’s extensive cultural and historical legacy, it is of considerable value. It is one of the most renowned places to visit in Pune. If you are in Pune, you cannot miss such an important monument of the mediaeval period. Bajirao I, the founder of the Peshwa dynasty, constructed Shaniwar Wada in 1732. The Peshwas, the Maratha Empire’s prime ministers, had a residence there. Under succeeding kings, the fort complex received additions and extensions. The Maratha and Mughal architectural styles may be seen in Shaniwar Wada’s construction. The fort, which has elaborate carvings, balconies, and entrances, was constructed from stone and teak. Sadly, a fire in 1828 destroyed much of the fort, leaving just the defensive walls and a few buildings standing. Amidst its archaeological values, it is famous for its haunted stories and legends. Many residents have witnessed paranormal activities.
  2. Aga Khan Palace: As a notable historical landmark and a symbol of the sacrifices made during India’s war for freedom, the Aga Khan Palace exists today. It serves as a homage to Mahatma Gandhi’s legacy and gives visitors an insight into his life and activities. It portrays the martyrs of the Indian freedom fighters and gives us an insight into their contribution to India’s freedom struggle. The palace sponsors a range of exhibits, cultural occasions, and programmes to further social issues and the arts. Workshops, lectures, and concerts are held there. The palace is a favourite destination for history historians, architectural enthusiasts, and nature lovers due to its beautiful architecture, tranquil grounds, and tranquil atmosphere. The tourist attraction is also known for its philanthropic activities towards underprivileged students. It provides education to them and a shelter to live in.
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  4. The National War Museum: Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, who was the then-President of India, opened the National War Museum in 1998. It was constructed as a monument to the valour and suffering endured by Indian warriors during many wars and conflicts. The museum is spread out across a vast area and is situated in the Pune Cantonment, a military enclave. It draws tourists from Pune and other areas since it is conveniently located. Several military memorials honouring Indian troops who took part in various conflicts may be seen in the National Military Museum. These monuments honour the military personnel who gave their lives in the course of service. A useful teaching tool, the National War Museum informs visitors about the background, bravery, and sacrifices of the armed services. It attempts to promote pride in the country and respect for the warriors who defend it.
  5. Osho Ashram: Located in Koregaon Park in Pune is one of the tourist attractions of the state. It is interesting to note that the park was named after the spiritual teacher Osho Rajneesh. The ashram has a set of clothing regulations that includes wearing all-white robes when in meditation. Additionally, it upholds standards for polite conduct, quiet, and conformity to the ashram’s norms and regulations. The ashram is not only a tourist attraction but also provides accommodations to various tourists and residents. The Osho Samadhi, a shrine to Osho where people may meditate and remember him, is located inside the ashram. It is a peaceful location where guests may pay homage and meditate while Osho is there.
  6. Parvati Hills and Temple: The history of Parvati Hill goes back to the Maratha Empire’s control. Around the 17th century, under the Peshwa dynasty’s rule, the temple on the hill was constructed. For the people of Pune, it has cultural and religious importance. There are several temples honouring various deities inside the Parvati Temple complex. The primary shrine is devoted to Goddess Parvati, who is Lord Shiva’s spouse. There are further temples to Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganesh, and Lord Kartikeya (Lord Subramanya) located inside the compound. It is a good opportunity to seek the blessings of goddess Parvati while visiting Pune. Daily meditation sessions are held at the ashram, and visitors can listen to lectures by Osho that have been recorded. Numerous subjects, such as love, relationships, spirituality, meditation, and personal development are covered in these talks.


In this article, we have covered various places to visit in Pune. Considering staying in luxurious hotels like Sheraton Grand, Pune can be a great experience all together.

Pune, an energetic city with a rich history, cultural legacy, and a fusion of modernity and tradition, is in Maharashtra, India. It provides a variety of activities and attractions that make it a desirable tourist destination. Pune has much to offer for everyone, from historical sites like Shaniwar Wada and the Aga Khan Palace to spiritual hotspots like the Osho Ashram and Parvati Temple.