HONOR Smartphone Selection Guide

HUAWEI mobile phones have opened up a road in the industry. HONOR, a subsidiary of HUWEI, has developed. HONOR smartphones sold well as soon as they went on the market. There are various product lines here. For example, digital series, Play series, V series, etc. Today we will talk about what these suffixes mean.

As one of the flagship products of HONOR brand, V series mobile phones focus on the technology market. It focuses on extreme performance and game experience.

Although the positioning is in the middle market, the V-series mobile phones have Huawei’s flagship processor. They are equipped with water cooling and heat dissipation technology to ensure the game experience.

V series on sale: V30 series and V20 series.

The difference between the suffix number of the model: the main difference between the Pro series and the standard version lies in the pixels of the rear camera and the running memory.

Digital series: The overall positioning of digital series products is lower than that of V series. Its flagship model product positioning is higher than that of the V series. The digital series is different from the simple product models of the V series. This series of products have many models and a large price span.

Among them, flagship products have the best configurations in HONOR. It has HUAWEI’s latest processor 5G technology. Other models of products reduce the configuration step by step from the processor to the camera.

Number series on sale: 30 series, 20 series.

Differences in suffix numbers of models: The suffix numbers of the latest 30 series of products include Pro, Standard Edition, S and Youth Edition. The main difference between Pro and standard version is the processor and front camera. Pro has a curved screen. The S version of the processor is weaker than the ordinary version, and the youth version of the processor is weaker than S version.

The X Series is aimed at the low-end market. This series of products will have some high technology. For example, the X10 is equipped with a lifting full screen. Of course, as a low-end model, there is no flagship processor. This model is equipped with a mid-range processor.

X series on sale: X10 series and 9X series.

Differences in suffix numbers of models: The latest X10 series is mainly divided into MAX and standard versions. MAX has a larger screen and stronger battery life than the standard version. The processor is not as good as the standard version.

Play Series

Play series phones focus on the low-end game market. Although it focuses on the low-end market, the flagship models of the Play series have got what most digital series and X series cannot get-Kirin 990 flagship chips. This will make the Play series proud.

Play series on sale: Play4 series, Play4T series and Play3 series.

Different suffix numbers of models: The latest Play4 series models are divided into Pro and standard versions. The biggest difference lies in the processor and camera.

The above is the meaning of the suffix of HONOR series. You can refer to it before buying a mobile phone.