The types and suppliers of drone mounted RDF

What is drone?

Drone is a flying device which is also known as unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) which is controlled by a remote. Droned use propellers to fly, these propellers acts like arms extended from the main body of the device.

What is RDF?

AnRDF which is known as radio detection finder is a device which is used to trace radio signals and the direction from which it is coming. With the help of two or more measurements taken from different places, a transmitter which is hidden can be detected easily.

The four major types of drones available are:

  • Multi rotor drones
  • Single rotor helicopter
  • Fixed wing drones
  • Fixed wing hybrid VTOL

It is a million dollar business to measure and test radio frequency signal. Recently, drone mounted RDF is becoming popular for the measurement of the radio frequencies in the military bases. The three most important suppliers of the drone based RDF measurement services are as follows:

  • RDF Wireless

This was founded by the tower industry veteran Phil Larsen. RDF Wireless is a custom based drone and uses proprietary algorithm to catch the radio detection frequencies for the customers in both the private and the public sector. These drone mounted RDFjust weigh around 33 pound with loaded fully with advanced equipment. While the Federal Aviation drones weigh around 50 pounds, much heavier than the RDF Wireless drones.

  • Canadian subsidiary of Gap Wireless

Gap Wireless drones are known as inUAVi. Marc Bouvrette is the President of the company. According to the company, it offers network quality testing through unarmed partner. It can measure radio detection frequencies, noise ratio signals, and other various spectrums of frequencies through its WCDMA and LTE bands. The measurements can be read in an iOS Application.

  • SIXARMS an Australian company

This Australian RDF measurement uses several different drones from a lot of different manufactures. It includes a Rf receiver and an onboard computer system with calibrated antennas to run its integrated software.