Tips to Know the Type of Pearl Suitable for Customized Jewels

Pearls are used to make elegant jewellery. It is even termed to be the queen of gems associated with astrology. Thus, it is considered to bring good luck to its wearer. However as there are varied kinds of pearls individuals who don’t have much knowledge about precious gems may end up buying inferior pearls.

Pearls are associated with the magical effects of Moon. Thus, if you want to have a calm mind and stability in life, don’t forget to wear pearl. Wearing a pearl ring is the best way to experience its effects. Basically, pearls are of two kinds – salt water pearl and fresh water pearls. Among those two kinds salt water pearls are termed to be of superior quality. Even though it may seem costlier, it will be best to choose salt water pearl.

Here are ways to help you know the best kind of pearls suitable for your customised jewels-

  • White pearl

This is the most commonly used pearl as it sparkles with any other kind of gems embedded along with it in ornaments. Moreover, it is a symbol of serenity, purity and honesty. Hence white pearl necklace has been adorning bride’s neck since ages. It is known to enhance the possibility of fertility. Women facing infertility issues wear the pearl on their little finger.

  • Golden pearl

It has the mystic effects of Jupiter and Moon. It is stated to be supreme in pearls thus still a favourite gem of royal class people. Gem experts advise people having disturbed married life to wear the pearl to live peacefully at home without any conflict with the spouse.

  • Black pearl

The rarest of pearl sparkling in any setting is quite expensive and highly regarded as symbol of fortune and prosperity. It safeguards its wearer against any sudden mishaps, diseases and help in regaining financial stability. This is the most precious pearl that has been a favourite of beautiful women since early ages as its power keeps their beauty intact.

While buying pearls make sure to contact reliable gem stone sellers and compare the rates in the online market. Naturally available pearls are known to be flawless compared to manmade pearls. Thus, it is best to know more about pearls before buying the pearl jewellery.