Top 5 Plugins To Install For A Commercial Website

Building a website for commercial purposes requires special attention in order to beat the competition and stand out. This is what Denver Web designer takes into consideration when designing a website. Of all requirements, plugins are perhaps the most important. The importance of plugins is seen when there is a need to outdo competitors and drive more traffic and sales to your own website. Some of these important plugins are:

  1. WooCommerce: Perhaps the most popular and powerful plugin, WooCommerce is a WordPress developed plugin currently being used in at least 30% of all online stores today. While basically free, users can install and customize the plugin to suit their needs. 

Features include a wide variety of themes and extensions, regularly updated features, provision for affiliate marketing, support for physical and digital products, inventory as well as built-in payment channels, documentation, and support, etc.

  1. Yoast SEO: Yoast is gradually becoming synonymous with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for a good reason. Yoast is the best plugin, if you want your commercial website to be optimized for search engine results and to drive massive traffic there. For SEO, an ideal Denver web designer considers Yoast a great plugin to install.

Features include content and SEO analysis, internal linking suggestions, insights and preview features, keyword generation, etc.

  1. Easy digital downloads: This plugin was developed specifically for digital products. It provides the tools and features needed to run an online store strictly for digital products and not physical ones.

Features include numerous plugins for marketing, traffic generation, compatible with WordPress themes, and also provide built-in themes.


  1. ‘The Monster’: Rightly called The Monster, OptinMonster is perhaps the most powerful conversion and lead generation software ever developed. This plugin creates brilliant conversion campaigns in different forms that end up with high lead generation rates and conversion rates. The plugin is designed to be used by even the most basic user and has easily navigable features. OptinMonster’s power comes from the availability of customizable campaigns based on specific products, and this is why Denver web designers recommend it for their clients.

Features include specially targeted ads, custom browser cookies, onsite retargeting, etc.

  1. Shopify: Shopify is a widely-used e-commerce plugin that is popular for its ‘set-up-and-forget’ approach. Users can easily purchase a plan and set up a store within a few minutes. Shopify handles every other thing for them.

Features include support for physical and digital products, multiple payment channels, seamless integration with different platforms, and seamless logistics.