What Are the Reasons Behind the Popularity of Adidas Shoes?

Adidas is one of the oldest brands. It is famous for its sporty apparel and footwear collection. It has a wide array of sports and casual shoes. These are available for everyone. Like its other products, Adidas has also introduced uniqueness and innovation in its shoes.

The Adidas Yeezy 350 v2 Israfil has a muted blue-gray PrimeKnit upper base. It also features cream touches and an orange side stripe pattern. 

This article will share some reasons why people love Adidas shoes. 

Reasons behind the Love of People for Adidas 

Some of the reasons why people love Adidas shoes are as follows:

  • Adidas focuses more on innovation and customer satisfaction. It takes time to create new technologies for footwear. Some years ago, the brand came up with the Boost technology. They integrated it on shoes under the Y3 series. This changed the game of the shoe market.

The boost technology is a unique cushion technology. It uses thermoplastic polyurethane material in the soles. This step allows it to absorb shocks better. When the shoe is compressed, the sole bounces back to its standard form. This technology is more consistent due to its high energy return.  

  • Adidas shoes such as Yeezy 350 v2 Israfil are made after discussion with athletes. The development team considers their requirements in particular games. This is one of the reasons why sports players endorse Adidas shoes all the time. 

For instance, David Beckham had endorsed the white Adidas shoes. We also saw basketball star James Harden wear Adidas. He promoted a series of Harden basketball shoes. This is another reason why these shoes are so popular.

  • During the arrival of the modern rap subculture, the brand managed to create history. Its USP in this context was minimal and chic design. Rappers like Snoop Dogg and Beastie boys are big fans of Adidas shoes. This USP helps to create a favorable brand image for Adidas. It creates an aura for its products among many music fans. 
  • Kanye West is considered one of the most popular singers globally. He has endorsed the brand Adidas in the past. He had partnered with the brand. Under this partnership, he made the Yeezy shoe series famous among his followers. 
  • The brand Adidas has also been part of many important moments. American sprinter Jesse Owens ran in the 1936 Olympics wearing a pair of Adidas. Similarly, the German football team has also worn these shoes.

In the 1972 and 1984 summer Olympics, about 80% of competing athletes wore these shoes. Due to its significant history, modern fans also like to buy shoes from the Adidas brand.  The blend of innovation and rich history makes Adidas a tempting buy for sneaker fans.

Final Words 

You have seen why people love Adidas. At this stage, you may entice to get one for yourself. Visit an online shoe store for options like Yeezy 350 v2 Israfil. You can contact HypeYourBeast for online sneakers. Search here for different sneakers brands and types.