Why Would You Choose the best When It comes to the Gold Jewelries

The engagement ring is usually bought solo for the future groom. However, you may prefer to purchase as a couple. In this case, the choice of the ring will be done more carefully and will meet your tastes more easily. But among the wide choice of engagement rings, how do you decide which model to buy? Here are some tips that can help you choose your engagement ring from Alexander Sparks.

Professional offers a large catalog of diamond rings, divided into three major collections: the prestige diamond ring, the gold and diamond ring and finally the trilogy ring. In order to help you, we have put together a guide devoted exclusively to diamond rings. Find out with all the tips for buying a ring set with black diamonds, brown diamonds or white diamonds.

Buy a Diamond Ring According To the 4Cs

If you’ve ever read our guide to the 4Cs of diamonds, then you know the importance of this step when looking for any diamond jewelry. Indeed, these are very important criteria for the diamond and these will largely determine the brilliance, the beauty, but also the price of a diamond and therefore that of your future diamond ring.

The first C designates the carat, that is to say the weight of the diamond. The 2nd C designates the size of the diamond. It is an essential element, because the size will determine the sparkle and the brilliance of the diamond ring. The 3rd C is for the color of the diamond. And finally the 4th C is for the purity of the stone, whether it contains inclusions or not.

To choose your diamond ring, we recommend that you look at it in daylight in order to reveal the true color of the diamonds that set the jewel. In jewelry stores, you will usually find special lamps with cold light that restore light close to natural daylight.

A Certificate for Your Diamond Ring

In order to guarantee the quality of the diamonds that set your diamond ring, a gemological certificate will be given to you with your diamond ring. Established by a laboratory, this certificate aims to summarize all the characteristics of a diamond. We can consider that this is the identity card of the diamond. Do not hesitate to consult our guide dedicated to the different certificates before you start looking for a white gold diamond ring.

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The Choice Of The Style Of The Diamond Ring

The last step is to determine the type of diamond ring that you really want. Indeed, different kinds of diamond ring will be offered, each with their own particularities. So, you can go for a trilogy ring, that is to say a gold woman’s ring with 3 diamonds of equivalent size set on the top of the jewel. The meaning of the trilogy diamond ring is that of time with a diamond for the past, a diamond for the present and a diamond for the future.

The diamond rings prestige is in turn paved with small diamonds. For example, you can find rings that gracefully combine black diamonds and white diamonds. You also have the choice of the color of gold, such as rose gold, white gold or yellow gold for your diamond ring. Finally, the gold and diamond ring allows you to associate the diamond with original shapes, such as diamond heart rings. Some models offer rings with a central diamond framed in gold, and small diamonds set on the body of the ring. Different models of black diamond rings are offered in this collection.

Sizing Guide

Here are the different variables that affect ring size to make sure you know how to measure your finger size perfectly to ensure a perfect fit.

Finger Shape

Believe it or not, not all fingers are the same shape, and the shape of the finger of the person you buy a ring from will determine the ideal ring size. For example, if the person’s finger is wider at the bottom, you will need to size the ring perfectly to fit the base of the finger without the risk of it coming loose and falling at the narrower end on point. 

On the other hand, if the person has large joints, you will need a ring large enough to fit over the joints, but small enough to fit the base of the finger. Finding that happy medium is one of the most difficult aspects of knowing which ring size to buy.


The width of the ring will also determine the fit of the ring. If you go for a ring with a larger ring, the general rule is that it will be a bit tighter. Thinner rings are usually slightly wider and will therefore be looser. It is therefore important to take into account the model of the ring you are looking to purchase in your size estimates.

Carat Size

While the ring design can change the size you need, the ring size doesn’t have to dictate the design. Keep in mind that a smaller ring size does not automatically equal a smaller diamond size.  The aesthetics of a ring depends entirely on personal preference, regardless of its size. Therefore, if you are looking for an engagement or wedding rings for your spouse and you think you can get away with a smaller diamond cut because it has smaller fingers, this is not the case.

The size of the ring doesn’t dictate the aesthetic, so if you want a huge diamond on a pinky finger, you can. If you have larger fingers and prefer the look of a small stone or small diamond, this is also possible.

When Is The Best Time To Measure The Size Of A Ring?

To get a perfectly fitting ring, there is an optimal time to measure your fingers. Physical and biological factors can affect your finger size, and your fingers change size more frequently than you might think. The most important factor in determining the size of your fingers is temperature. When it’s cold, your fingers tend to shrink, while when it’s very hot, your fingers tend to swell. So it is best to measure your ring size when you are in a room temperature environment.

In summary, you should measure your ring size in the middle of the day, in a room temperature environment. If you are able to create these conditions, you have a better chance of finding the perfect size.