Best Travelling Bars to Consider for Your Event

We all know that everyone who attends events such as weddings and birthday parties always looks forward to the food and drinks session. If you want to make an impression, then serve the best cocktails, wine, and spirits for your bar.

If you are planning an event and want to have all set up for drinks on arrival, why not have traveling bars? It will definitely be one of the highlights of the night. 

Traveling bars is also a great way to increase sales revenue without investing more in fixed bars. If this sounds like a good idea, then here are some good traveling bars to consider.

The Mobile Pub

A mobile pub is the best Airstream bar that is available in Australia. This Australian-owned company has raised the bar when it comes to providing great service and drinks. 

They have over 100 different types of beer available, 30 different wines, 20 liquors, 7 ciders, 6 champagne/sparkling wine options, 6 soft drink options, 6 lemonade options, and 9 juice options. 

They also provide a great range of food options. Keep in mind that prices vary depending on the location you are at.

The Cup Bearer

The Cup Bearer comes with beautiful bars that you can easily set up anywhere in your garden or backyard. You can use this to serve your friends and family beer, wine, and juice with ease. 

It comes with a special pump that pushes the liquid through a tube without spilling anything. The Cup Bearer will let others enjoy their drink easily without getting messy in the process.

Thompson’s Touring Bar

The Thompson’s Touring Bar comes with a bottle opener and a cup dispenser in addition to a tool to open your beer. 

Not only is it perfect for camping, but you can also even use it when going out to the park or barbecuing at home. You can also make use of its 12-volt cooler if you don’t plan on serving too much.

The Aero Bar

The first thing you’ll notice about Aero Bar is its sleek, black exterior that gives them the look of a sports car. They’re made out of ABS plastic which is quite sturdy and can last for a long time. 

Aero Bars are also available in red and black and come with a built-in bottle opener and cup dispenser, as well as two glasses that you can attach to its sides. 

The Aero Bar has an insulated compartment on the inside that can keep your beer cold for up to two hours, thanks to its thick insulation.

The Swig Rig

The Swig Rig gives you different options to choose from for your special event. On the top shelf, you’ll get a built-in ice bin, cup dispenser, and a bottle opener. In the middle, you’ll find a jigger to make your drinks without spilling anything. 

There is another ice bin on the bottom shelf where you can store your bottles of alcohol or other drinks that will keep them cold for a long time. 

The cooler in which everything sits is supported by a galvanized steel base and has an easy-carry handle.

These are just some of the best traveling bars for your airstream bar. Take time to evaluate your needs and go for something that will provide you with memorable moments to cherish!