CNC Machine – Advantages and applications

Man is capable of turning anything into whatever he likes. Starting with the invention of the wheel, there has been an avalanche of inventions and discoveries in recent times. With the advent of industrialization, the way people live has changed drastically.

One of the most popular and widely used machining processes is the lathe turning process. In a lathe machine, the job keeps rotating while the tool is held stationary. While in a milling machine, the job is stationary and the tool rotates at high speed. The most important difference between the two machining processes is above-mentioned.

There are mainly two types of lathe machines:-

  • CNC lathe
    • Manual lathe

A CNC lathe is used for the machining of high-precision jobs. In a CNC machine, the movement of the tool is controlled by a computer program that is fed into the machine. The job turns according to this program and is machined out accordingly. Reputed companies like LOCUS Precision CNC machining can ensure the quality of the job while respecting your budget and time frame.

Some of the main advantages of CNC machines are as follows:-

  • High precision
    • Low chattering
    • High finish
    • Easy to use
    • High quality
    • Low error rate
    • Compliance to tight tolerance
    • Low maintenance
    • Durability.
    • Ability to handle big jobs.

The most important quality of a CNC machine is its application for mass production. With very little error percentage, a CNC can be used any number of times without adjustments. This greatly helps in the reduction of delay time and enhances productivity.

Another advantage is the low dependency on labor. One person can operate two CNC machines if properly trained and has expertise in the field. This means a financial saving in the salaries of workers. Since it is computer controlled, only a little attention is needed throughout its operation.

Some of the main applications of CNC are as follows:-

  • Robotics and automation
    • Industrial and energy
    • Defense and military
    • Electronics and communication
    • Entertainment
    • Food processing and pharmaceuticals

It can be seen that all the applications of CNC machines are typically high-end and high-priority work. Time and speed are the two factors that decide the quality of a lathe job. If your job is time-bound and has a restricted budget, then CNC turning is your best option.

To conclude, for high precision and high-priority work, always take assistance from experienced CNC lathe companies to ensure timely delivery and high-quality output.