Everything you need to know about nativity sets

What exactly is a Nativity Scene?

The term nativity comes from the Latin word nativus, which means “born again.” A nativity scene depicts the night of Jesus’ birth as portrayed in Matthew and Luke’s Gospels. Nativities can take the form of drawings, models, live displays, or carvings, but they all feature the same elements: the Christ Child in a manger, His mother, Mary; His earthly father, Joseph; shepherds; angels; various barn animals; a star; and, sometimes, three wise men bearing gifts. The most popular nativity sets are stable or cave.

What is nativity sets Made Up Of?

The Baby Jesus: The main event is the Baby Jesus. Since He is a very special child—the Son of God—all these camels and people have traveled to the manger to see Him.

The Virgin Mary: Jesus’ mother, Mary, the virgin who conceived a child of the Holy Spirit, is at the heart of the Nativity miracle.

Joseph, the Virgin: Mary’s husband, the Virgin Joseph, is also present near the Baby Jesus. The Virgin Joseph, like Mary, became pregnant by God’s will, and the story of his miraculous virgin birth is legendary.

The Magnificent Three: The Glorious Three, a party of magicians who traveled to the birthplace of the Baby Jesus to worship Him and offer Him presents, are a must-have for any Nativity sets.

Whispering Camels of Nazareth: The holy camels who whisper a holy message to the Son of God is one of the most significant components of the Nativity scene.

The shepherd: Most Nativity sets include the shepherd, who is said to have come from a neighboring village to see the Son of God’s birth.

The Star: According to the Bible, the Magnificent Three could locate the Baby Jesus by tracking a star that appeared above the stable.


How to Put a Nativity Scene Together

  • Step 1: Decide on a venue. Select a spot for the nativity scene that is clear and well-lit while avoiding blocking traffic.
  • Step 2: Put the Christ Child in the Middle In the barn, place the manger, or trough, where the Christ child sleeps.
  • Step 3: Arrange Mary and Joseph on opposite sides of the room. Mary and Joseph should be on opposite sides of the manager. Mary is usually the nearest.
  • Step 4: Build concentric circles for the secondary characters. Build a concentric circle around the stable with the shepherds and wise men. Put the wise men farthest away in the nativity scene since they were thought to be the last to arrive.
  • Step 5: Pleasingly assemble the nativity scene’s creatures. Place the sheep in the stable with the shepherds, the camels with the wise men, and any other livestock.
  • Step 6: Assemble the angels and position them on the roof. Place the angels on the roof of the stable to complete the nativity scene. If there isn’t enough room on the roof, position them around the holy family inside the stable, where they can bring good news and joy to both the holy family and the viewers.

Any other Nativity pieces you have in your collection can be put behind and around what you’ve already set up, but they shouldn’t obstruct the view of the rest of the nativity sets because they aren’t necessary.