Get To Know the Benefits of Hiring Unarmed Security Guards as Compared To Armed Ones for Your Business in Austin, Texas. 

In the modern world, safety is more crucial than ever. Getting a lot of people together in one place can be challenging for event planners and business owners alike. Malicious individuals might take advantage of the circumstances and attempt to cause chaos. It is essential to have a security plan in place especially in mega cities like Austin. One element of that security plan may be unarmed security officers. Unlike their armed counterparts, unarmed security guards offer almost the same level of security with less liability and cost. This blog by Ranger Security Agency, one of the leading Austin security guard company, highlights some of the benefits of hiring our unarmed Austin security guards in comparison to their armed counterparts.

Who Are Unarmed Security Guards?

Unlike the common misconception, our unarmed Austin security guards are not simply untrained individuals wearing uniforms but without firearms. Our unarmed security guards are well-trained to uphold law and order. They have expertise working with police to defuse potentially dangerous situations, responding to distress calls, and maintaining constant vigilance. When necessary, they can call law enforcement or other authorities and act as the first responders in the incident.

Benefits of Hiring Our Unarmed Austin Security Guards

  1. They come in handy when operating in an area with low-security threats.

Armed guards may provide far more security than is necessary, unless they are in the area of higher-risk threats like armed robbery, violent conflict, etc. The majority of events and businesses can profit from just hiring our unarmed Austin security guards because they pose less of a risk to public safety. A corporate security setting is one scenario that often represents a low-security threat level. Other settings include traffic management, retail loss prevention, entry access management, general surveillance, etc. An unarmed security guard will more than adequately satisfy your safety needs and promote order in many of these scenarios on any given day.

  1. Our unarmed Austin security guards come in handy when your business is operating in a gun-sensitive environment.

One employs a security guard to enhance security. You might not have anticipated, though, that a security guard with a gun could pose a negating effect. Some people find the presence of a gun to be quite unnerving, especially in light of the frequency of recent shootouts in the US and the controversy surrounding gun restrictions. Even if an armed security guard’s job is to increase safety, the very sight of a gun may agitate people and create more stress than is necessary. Libraries, business offices, movie theaters, schools, and other locations where children may be present are among the locations where you might want to forbid the display of guns. Reach out to our Austin security company for more information on whether your business is in a gun-sensitive environment and could greatly benefit from our unarmed Austin security guards.

  1. Our unarmed Austin security guards come in handy when you are facing budget constraints.

In most scenarios, our unarmed security guards will typically offer you and your business comparable safety for significantly less money upfront. Hiring unarmed security guards will save you money. The cost of armed guard services at our Austin security company is significantly higher and may put a strain on your finances due to many variables like additional training, insurance, workplace dangers, and licensing. Thumbtack data indicates that the hourly rate for unarmed security guard services in the United States can be as low as fifteen dollars and as much as sixty to one hundred dollars for armed security officers with law enforcement training. This illustrates how much you can save when choosing our unarmed Austin security guards.

  1. They come in handy when you aren’t ready for the risks and liabilities.

Using lethal force carries several risks. Avoid hiring armed guards if you or your company have a low tolerance for liability and aren’t prepared to deal with the possible outcomes of using lethal force in an emergency. If you hire an armed guard, you accept accountability if someone is killed or hurt at the location they are guarding as a result of the armed guard’s actions. In such a scenario, you would be liable for the victim’s injuries or death as well as any associated settlements and court costs. This could deal severe emotional, financial, and reputational damage to your business.

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