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Experience this one-of-a-kind ‘liquid facelift, at New Your Wellness Center, the best medical spa in Houston. This treatment is the secret to timeless beauty. This blog by our Houston Med Spa includes more information about Sculptra including its working mechanism, application procedure, and benefits.

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is an FDA-approved dermal filler for facial areas. It is made of poly-L-lactic acid, a synthetic, biocompatible chemical used to restore lost volume, nasolabial folds, and deep wrinkles. Treatment experts at our Houston Med Spa inject Sculptra for men and women who want a long-lasting face filler. Sculptra, which results in a smoother, younger-looking face, can last up to a two-year period under your skin. It offers natural-looking outcomes for our cosmetic injectable patients and is frequently used by our medical spa in its famous “liquid facelift.” Please schedule a consultation online or contact our Houston Med Spa if you’d like to find out if you’re a candidate for Sculptra injections.

Working Mechanism Behind Sculptra

Sculptra stimulates your skin’s fibroblasts to make collagen, the protein that keeps your skin elastic and tight. Sculptra is administered through a series of injections at our medical spa and is deliberately introduced in areas with substantial volume loss or wrinkles.  Once injected, Sculptra functions as a scaffold, gradually boosting collagen formation and replacing lost volume over time. Unlike hyaluronic acid fillers, which produce rapid benefits, Sculptra’s effects develop gradually, with optimal results appearing after several weeks. This novel strategy not only delivers long-term results but also encourages your skin to organically renew from the inside.

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Administering Sculptra at Our Medical Spa

We take our patients to a secluded treatment area to offer Sculptra injections. Each injection location will be noted before the needle is inserted into the skin. If pain is an issue, a topical numbing medication may be recommended. Our experts will then inject Sculptra deeply into the skin’s layers using a very thin needle for approximately 30 minutes in each treatment area. Experts at our medical spa will use Sculptra to create a new contour in the targeted region. New You Wellness Center recommends using two to three Sculptra injections spaced several weeks apart for best results.

Benefits of Sculptra Treatment

Sculptra, the age-defying secret weapon, awaits you at our prestigious Houston Med Spa. Discover the transforming advantages of this unique therapy and have a refreshing experience like never before.

With Sculptra, you can enjoy:

  1. Long-lasting Radiance. Say goodbye to fleeting beauty solutions. Sculptra’s collagen-stimulating mix produces effects that can last up to two years, sustained radiance, and youthful vitality.
  2. Subtle Enhancement. Accept a natural-looking enhancement that compliments your unique features. At New You Wellness Center, our professional practitioners customize Sculptra treatments to meet your specific needs, resulting in subtle yet impactful effects.
  3. Sculptra treats a wide range of cosmetic difficulties, including wrinkle smoothing and face volume restoration.
  4. Minimal disruption. Sculptra offers little downtime and maximum convenience.

Are you ready for a ‘liquid facelift’? Schedule your Sculptra appointment at our Houston Med Spa now and begin your road to eternal beauty. At New You Wellness Center, we offer innovative Sculptra treatments and injectable solutions such as Radiesse, Botox, dermal fillers, and more. Restore your young glow with long-lasting benefits that defy the effects of aging.

Besides that, although Sculptra is recommended for facial volume restoration, our Houston Med Spa also offers Sculptra injections aimed at buttock augmentation. This involves enhancing buttock shape, projection, and fullness for viable candidates. This means that you can gain that attractive backside without using butt implants or undergoing autologous fat transfer processes. Don’t wait—unlock the secret to timeless beauty at New You Wellness Center.