Heroku Alternatives: Why there is a need for Heroku Alternatives

The work of Heroku is to take away all the headaches of managing infrastructure. From creating a server to shattering the server, it handles all the tedious work. So now we will be jumping to our main topic i.e. open-source Heroku alternative. If you are a full time developer than it will make your work life more easier.

To the one who still question that why an open-source Heroku alternative is needed, here is the answer:

Well for a small project Heroku is great but unfortunately, once your app starts escalating, things end there.

1) Cost

For those who are actively looking for Heroku, the cost is a vital drawback  for everyone. As compared to Infrastructure as Service setup i.e. IaaS, this Heroku cost 2x-5x.  By taking an example, as on another cloud provider like oracle cloud, it is approx. to $4.5/month,and on Heroku on 1 standard CPU of 500MB RAM will cost you approx. $24/month.

On a small scale, this maybe doesn’t feel like a problem. But your pockets begin feeling the heat once your app starts escalating and that’s the time when Heroku alternatives are looked at by most people.

2) Flexibility

Since for its proficiency of use Heroku works great, from you it takes away flexibility. In your server, you can’t even do a point. The OS, the firewall and etc. cannot be fine-tuned by you.

Moreover, for simplest applications there, this is not a major deal-breaker, but you can’t even start with Heroku if your app is fortuitously compounded.

3) Vendor Lock-in

Well, if you are still not clear with this then there is one more important reason to be remembered to search for Heroku alternatives and that is, into the Heroku  platform it will lock you.

All the mentioned features and abstractions are provided by them are very much particular to their problem. Like open-source technologies or open standards, they are not like these. Again a reason to go and search for Heroku alternative without any delay. Like this, there is much more reason to look for Heroku alternatives.

However, by the far most important feature of using Heroku in production is its flexibility and cost.