The best vegan restaurants and cafes in Bangalore – A Complete Guide

Since many people have become conscious about their physical being, they are adopting healthy options or vegan options for their daily dietary intake. Keeping these people’s preferences in mind, Bangalore has come up with several restaurants and cafes that serve exotic vegan delicacies to quench the palette of vegetarians and those planning to make a shift in their daily food consumption. While some of these restaurants and cafes are independent ventures, some are located within the esteemed hotels in Bangalore. 

As a vegan, it’s difficult for me to find appropriate food in new cities. So while searching for Pune to Bangalore flights, I did conduct thorough research on the food that I was about to have for the next few weeks. And happened to find out some of the best vegan restaurants and cafes in Bangalore. On my trip, I did visit some of these cafes and restaurants and had a lip-smacking experience over lunch and dinner. 


Carrots Restaurant is located in Koramangala and offers an exquisite range of vegan delicacies to choose from. Providing a variety of Indian vegetarian dishes along with some gourmet continental ones, this restaurant is a perfect place to satiate all your vegan cravings. I had known about this place from my friends and was quite eager to visit here. So finally, when I reached the venue, I ordered a bowl of Bechamel Sauce Pasta, Falafel Hummus and a plate of Chatpata Sprouts Salad and absolutely loved the taste. Due to its incredible options and soothing ambience, this place is frequently visited by guests on their getaways.  

Green Theory

Green Theory is one of those places which offers good food along with an ambience of rustic charm. Designed and developed within a quaint refurbished bungalow in Ashok Nagar, it is the perfect place to experience an old-school vibe. As soon as I stepped into the place, I was greeted by a peaceful aura and the scent of old books. I ordered the Tomato Hemp Powder Soup along with Thai Curry and Steamed Jeera Rice served with mashed potatoes. Every dish that I ordered was perfect in taste and therefore, I recommend you to definitely come here on your vegan food tour.  

Go Native Cafe

Go Native specialises in serving quintessentially indigenous dishes sourced locally. They are specialised in South Indian cuisine and present the food with absolute finesse. I ordered the Zucchini Zoodles first and then ordered a plate of hot piping puris and a bowl of the Averkai Curry which looked too tempting to resist. If you are coming here in winter, you can try their bowl of Go Native’s Carrot Coconut and Ginger soup, Cabbage Akki Roti and Curry along with a cup of filtered coffee. Zucchini Zoodles is their gluten-free dishes and if you are concerned about their health, you can go for this one.  

Cafe Just Be

With a range of amazing vegan dishes, Cafe Just Be is one of the best places to satisfy your vegan cravings. It is a quaint little cafe located in Sadashiv Nagar. It is also one of the highest-grossing food joints in the city. Just Be has a dedicated space for events and food blogging. The place offers amazing hospitality and also mouth-watering delicacies for fulfilling hunger pangs. Although I’m not a big fan of nachos, I ordered their Methi Nachos with Tulsi and Almond Dip for starters as per my friend’s suggestion and honestly, I was spellbound with its taste. Their menu also has a range of customizable bowls which you can order for a sumptuous lunch. 

Luo Hann

Luo Hann at HSR, Bangalore provides a comforting vibe as soon you enter the place. Luo Hann boasts an exquisite vegetarian menu from the Thai and Chinese cuisines. This place also offers a range of Chinese delicacies along with a personal touch of the chefs. I had ordered my personal favourites -Tom Yum Mushroom Soup and a plate of Thai Green Salad and was quite impressed by how they presented it. The Spicy Coconut Noodles is the crowd favourites and it is mostly ordered by the guests with a bowl of delicious Vegan Manchurian. Luo Hann offers a quiet and calm ambience amidst the regular hustle and bustle of the city and is ideal for a scrumptious vegan Asian dinner. 

So, these are some of my favourites when it comes to healthy vegan dining options in Bangalore. Hopefully, you have selected your favourite ones too. If yes, then call up your vegan friend and go for a dinner date to these places and have a good time exploring the vegan dishes to your heart’s content.