Interesting facts about Budapest cuisine you can know at the food tours

Budapest, the capital city of Hungary, is the ideal location for food lovers. Hungarian cuisine has all that it takes to satiate the taste buds of connoisseurs of good food and wine. The culture of Hungary revolves around food and hospitality and that is why; once you are in Budapest, you are surely going to make friends for the lifetime.

But it is the cuisine of Budapest city that can floor you completely by its simplicity but soaked in distinct, raw Hungarian style. Here are certain Budapest cuisine facts you can see in action while you are on food tour to this city.

·        Turkish influence is seen on all dishes

Hungarians got paprika as their national spice due to the influence left by Turkish people during their rule. The Hungarian cuisine is spicy and flavorful and paprika is used almost in all salty dishes. Turkish also introduced the people of Budapest and Hungarians overall to various colorful vegetables like tomatoes, cherries, and corn and so on. Thus, you will find Hungarian cuisine rich in color and made quite flavorful with smoked spices.

·        Hungarian bakery items are the best in the world

Typical phyllo dough that goes into the making of bakery items gives the bakery its unique taste and texture. The bakery dishes in Hungary are filled with Strudel, a local dessert made using cherries, poppy seeds and apples. The nuts and honey used in other parts of the world in bakery are replaced by this local dessert.

·        The starter of the meal will always be soup

Hungarian meal starts invariably with soup. It is made more filling mostly by use of pasta and beef pieces. Slow cooking single pot recipes, stewed to let spices infuse into the meat or main ingredient make the most part of the Hungarian cuisine.

So, book Budapest Food Tours if you want to see a beautiful city full of life and want to lay your hands on one of the spiciest and the most colorful cuisines in the world.