Meeting an injury lawyer in Toledo: Answers to look for

You suffered injuries in an accident. The other side was clearly at fault. It doesn’t matter whether the case is about a car accident or premise liability; you need to find an attorney who can guide you on the legal options. Filing an injury lawsuit in Ohio and winning a fair settlement are two different things. If there is insurance involved, you can only expect the worst, considering claims adjusters are shrewd and extremely hard to deal with. Lawyers of can answer many of your questions, and we have enlisted the aspects you should discuss.

The lawyer’s experience and profile

Personal injury laws in Ohio cover all types of cases, including car accidents, truck accidents, premise liability, medical malpractice, and nursing home abuse. Each of these cases may have things in common, but the legal work could require a different approach. Find an attorney who has handled similar lawsuits and claims and has a believable profile to prove that. Ask the attorney if they have been to court for personal injury cases and the number of times they have won. You should also expect answers about their top cases and landmark judgments.

Your claim details

What should you expect when filing an injury claim? What’s the highest settlement you could expect? If you don’t win, what happens to the attorney’s fee? These are some questions that an attorney should answer for you. Most injury lawyers in Toledo won’t charge anything for the work if you don’t win a settlement. This kind of arrangement is very typical for personal injury claims. The contingency fee could be as high as 40% but is only payable when you win. A lawyer should also explain the factors that may have an adverse impact on the case.

Their approach

A good injury lawyer should also explain their approach to their case. They should share their insights about the matter and similar cases they have handled so far. Remember that even the most seasoned lawyers cannot guarantee an outcome; therefore, beware of the promises. You should also ask the lawyer whether they would be the one to represent you in court if required. Not all lawyers can claim to be great trial attorneys.

Final word

Don’t let the other party get away with their negligent action. Find a local lawyer who can guide you on your injury claim and what to do immediately after the mishap.