Preparing The Best Corporate Event Party

Corporate event ideas require collaboration from the company hosting the gathering and the venue staff to the event management team. If a business event is hosted at a cafe, the banquet manager and servers may be part of the café staff team. If the event is at a restaurant, it can involve the managers of the café and staff. 

We will go over ideas for a corporate event’s food and beverage requirements in this blog article. Contact Riverside corporate events to set up the best corporate event. 

Setting up your next corporate event party

  • Dessert towers

Let us begin the list with something sweet. Dessert towers are a trendy approach to glam up a corporate event’s climax. They can also be used as self-service buffet tables’ centerpieces or as table centerpieces around the area.

Macaron, cookies, muffins, cake pops, tiered desserts, angel food cake shots, truffles, chocolate strawberries, and tiny cheesecakes are a few treats to provide. Undoubtedly, even though this is an extensive list, there are plenty more dessert options available, so do not stop there! Anything that appeals to you may be chosen from a tiered tower.

  • Company-specific cocktails

The second spot goes to company-specific cocktails, which could involve a variety of cocktails. Making customized drinks for the occasion is one idea.

Another is to create cocktail recipes or give fresh titles to the most well-liked cocktails while keeping the business & industry in mind. From mocktails to the best gin cocktails, this could be an enjoyable journey to improve the drinking experience. 

  • Inventive sliders

Sliders are burgers in a smaller size that may be served up just like an ordinary burger. Sliders may be a great choice for an appetizer list, or they can be an entire dinner on their own.

Plant-based meat substitutes can be used to add some flair to a slider. Sliders can be adjusted to be more nutritious & sustainable using tofu or vegetarian patties; even environmentally friendly restaurants would offer them. Sliders that fit any diet can be prepared.

  • Creative garnishes

Anything from classy drinks & clever sliders to seafood meals & desserts may be decorated with creative garnishes. 

There are two primary methods you can consider when selecting your creative garnishes. One way to decorate an item of food or beverage is to use garnishes that go well with its flavor. When you are low on time or resources, this works best. Selecting garnishes that are currently in season is the second option. This will result in some exciting menu options for a seasonal dish.