Uninterrupted Power Supply To Support Your Equipments

If you are a smart buyer and have knowledge of technology you always prefer to protect your equipments with UPS. Electronic devices like computer, refrigerator, television and air conditioner get fused with sudden jerks of voltage. It’s necessary to choose UPS according to corresponding device. UPS should be chosen according to following features Ampere and Watt.

UPS Topology

Uninterrupted Power Supply helps equipment in two ways, first supply the secure power when main outage occurs and secondly supply clean, stable and regular power when main power is present. With the help of UPS unpredictable electric jerks can’t destroy your devices. Those who are totally depend upon computer and technology should take their equipment’s safety seriously. Sudden breakdown of electricity can destroy your device and you might end up in losing important data. You can choose from three kinds of UPS, online, line interactive and back up each having their own capacity and vary in Ampere and Watt.

UPS works like inverter

As inverter helps to support electronic devices when electric cut off occurs similarly UPS supplies power. Working of inverter is similar to UPS both convert D.C. supply digitally into AC current. When main outage occurs A.C. supply keeps on running your equipments. Online UPS are best as it have inbuilt inverter inside. No matter mains outage occurs or voltage fluctuation happens it keeps on supplying secure power to equipment. The offline UPS which you know back up UPS mostly used in offices and home. This UPS works when there is no electric flow in the power supply connection. This type of UPS works for short period.

Role Of rectifier

If you are smart enough, invest in Online UPS which keeps on charging with D.C. current. For connection of UPS with main line you need a rectifier. This rectifier helps in charging battery and refill the amount of energy flown through D.C. current. Every UPS has its own battery backup time that depends upon the capacity of inverter. The battery run time depend upon the two factors, how much Ampere and watts the battery consists and how much load the device is taking from inverter.

UPS has filter inside which filters the electro magnetic interference and radio frequency. The filter helps in passing that much needed power to inverter which is required for its regular functioning. UPS also has an additional back up supporting system. When main outage occurs battery start supporting your equipment. If by chance inverter fails to carry the load after electric cut off this bypass system supports the device. As soon as battery takes the load automatically power switches from bypass to battery. UPS is a complete solution which consists of all three topologies. So far quality is concerned online UPS is ultimate power solution for any equipment.

Some safety precautionary steps for UPS users

Never put UPS in the area that have high humidity or moisture issues. Always keep UPS in upright position as mentioned in every instruction book. UPS should not be covered if racks have doors it should be kept open. Never put heavy loads upon the UPS which is beyond its capacity. If you buy less capacity UPS and try to put heavy load the circuit would be fused or your machine will trip.