Lawang Sewu Building at Semarang City

When it’s about Indonesia historical tourism, Semarang City delivers a vacation destination named Lawang Sewu Building. With regards to name, “Lawang” means doors and “Sewu” means a thousand. As individuals might anticipate, the building has plenty of doors as though it comes along with a thousand of it. This majestic structure is located at Sekayu Village and belongs to Central Semarang Sub-District, really. Well, the website has a lot of intriguing allures that visitors can appreciate for sure. First, it’s the building has been there since the reign of the Dutch. Besides, the building emits a nuance and has some strange stories! Many individuals visit it during the night to test their guts!

Though folks call it a thousand-doors building, doesn’t imply it comes along with a such number of doors. According to the local government, there are only 342 doors. No surprise, the dimensions of the building is considered huge, and it has got a unique design as well. It ‘s based on Dutch architecture. The beautiful thing is the construction is located at the roadside, so it’s quite evident and accessible. During weekends or holidays, some illegal tour guides are all seen on the entrance of the building. Even though they offer an excellent service, they often charge too high! Therefore, tourists must be capable of negotiating before using the ceremony.

People who come to Lawang Sewu possess the exact same thinking when visiting the site. What’s that? They would love to learn the history of the building. According to the locals, the building was once used as the base of PT KAI (The Indonesian Railway Company). In fact, throughout the reign of the Dutch, it had been used as an office. At that time, it became the eyewitness of the conflict between Indonesia and Netherland. For the info, the construction started in 1904, and it finished in 1907. The architects were definitely the Dutch. This explains the design represents those of buildings.

Apart from learning history, individuals come to Lawang Sewu to conduct exploration. The building consists of many rooms in the end. At the basement, there’s watery underground that was used as a jail back then. On top of the building, a large ballroom resides. Many bats live in that room. For they must visit Lawang Sewu on the day! The nuance will be mysterious, for sure.

Another common thing to do in Lawang Sewu is photography. Tourists can take pictures either inside or outside the building. Occasionally, couples conduct a pre-wedding photo session there. The structure is precious as the background of photography, after all.

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