What Must You Do if You Have Become a Victim of Identity Theft?

Cyber crimes have become a new trend in the technological era. The more advanced the technology is becoming, the more advanced these cyber criminals are becoming as well. This becomes extremely dangerous when someone claims to be you and proves a valid identity as well. This is nothing but identity theft.

Identity Theft is one of the most common cyber crimes where a cybercriminal will steal your identity and use that to gain access to your details like bank accounts, social security, financial record, or social media. If you have become a victim of such identity theft, you must reach out to a criminal defense attorney in London, KY.

Things to do immediately if you have become a victim of cyber crime.

If your identity has been stolen and you are sure about it, then you must understand the depth of the situation and act accordingly. Taking this light-heartedly may put some vague criminal charges on you because a stranger owns your identity now. So, here are the things that you must immediately do if you have been hacked for identity:

  • Freeze all your financial accounts: The first thing the criminal would do once they have robbed your identity is move over to your financial assets and try to get a hold of them. To avoid this, you must immediately reach out to your financial assets manager and freeze all your bank accounts, credit/ debit cards, shareholding, etc. This way, the cybercriminal won’t be able to seize your financial assets.
  • Change passwords for all your platforms: There is a high possibility that the offender will have your passwords or try to steal them from you. They can take advantage of the situation where you are scared and overwhelmed and send you a malicious link to fetch your passwords. So, you must change the password for your internet-connected accounts and use a solid password.
  • File a Police Report: Once you have safeguarded yourself, you must file a police report. The police will file the entire report and record the events of the incidents that have occurred using your identity to get a hold of the offender. After filing the report, ensure that you get a copy of the file report so that it can be used in filing a case and to claim your cyber insurance if you had any sensitive information disclosed, which could lead to loss of assets.

The Internet is not a safe place, and all the activities you do are being monitored. So be careful while using the internet, and do not share your details with strangers until you have verified them. Ensure that you also have a cyber insurance check with your criminal defense attorney regularly for updates and changes in policies.