4 Tips on Designing the Best Holiday Card

Sending merry and love to your friends and families is still a tradition a lot of us emulate. The holidays are fast approaching, and the array of holiday card templates may overwhelm you. At Mixbook, we dedicate our time and expertise to help you design the best cards that convey your heartfelt wishes for festive seasons. Our cards redefine conventional invitational holiday cards. We customize your photos and use real foil for a luxurious card. Below are some tips to steer you in designing your holiday card with us.

1. Choose a Theme

The theme is a prelude to the kind of holidays your invitees will enjoy. A suitable theme for your holiday card invites and evokes wonderful feelings of merry among your loved ones. If you are unsure what theme to choose, remember the holidays are about family. Preceding celebratory photos and pictures of milestones you have achieved as a family is a theme idea you can never go wrong with. You can still opt for the conventional snowflake, and Santa themed cards if you are working on a budget. However, at Mixbook, we believe family photos serve as an inspiration for the holidays and are wonderful mementoes for aeons to come.

2. Explore the different materials

Real foil material is the best for your holiday cards. The finishing of your card varies contingent on the material. A flimsy material saves on cost but negates on more important aspects such as photo quality and engravings. Mixbook materials are eco-friendly and have smooth yet sturdy finishing for the best holiday card. Some of the common materials are:

  • Vellum paper
  • Semi-gloss paper
  • Bamboo
  • Felt
  • Linen

Mixbook’s free designing service allows you to view how the photos for your holiday card will look on the different materials. The material determines the finishing, so seek the best material at Mixbook.

3. Style your message

A message is as good as the way it’s conveyed. While the photos portray a jolly mood, the test style is equally crucial. Monogram and ambigram styles have become increasingly popular. However, the style you choose depends on the theme. Of course, you can save the hassle by writing out the cards yourself with specific pens that do not blot the paper. Some cards use snowflake designs and mistletoes to convey invitations on holiday cards. Have fun experimenting with different styles on our templates before finding the classic style that blends with your theme.

4. Spruce up your card

When Sir Henry Cole sent out the first Christmas card in 1843, it was a simple note tied in a red ribbon.  Technology has revolutionized Christmas cards from classic cards to colourful holiday cards. You can add glow to your card and not just by adding glitter. Glow in the dark stars and tiny LED elves blend into the super matte finish of the card. However, you can experiment with tiny portraits of your family and choose an orientation that still passes the joyful invitation.


Holiday cards are a significant way to show you care and invite family and friends to enjoy the festivities with you. This year has been challenging and isolating. Bring back the old cheer of the holidays by signing up for a Mixbook holiday card. Customize your cards from rustic to bohemian themes at no cost. Our designers and templates will help you make the best holiday card for a memorable festive season.