Awesome Benefits Of VoIP Phones For Your Business In Columbus Ohio

Countless companies throughout Columbus Ohio have made all sorts of telecom investments throughout recent years, and one of the most common transitions among businesses of all sizes is going from traditional phone systems to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone systems. 

The voip phones columbus ohio experts at Data Talk have collaborated with us to develop this list of awesome benefits that companies are receiving by investing in VoIP phone systems, so here are some of the VoIP benefits that you should know about! 


There’s no need for multiple phone lines at your business any longer, because VoIP systems utilize the Internet to make calls. This is by far the most cost-effective telecom strategy for any business, because you’ll only have to worry about paying your subscription fees to your third-party provider. 

Many traditional phone systems will charge companies based upon their overall usage, so countless businesses are saving money by transitioning to VoIP phones! 

Many Great Features 

VoIP phone systems also feature many great features, including things like mobile apps, voicemail-to-email forwarding, auto attendant, SMS messaging, and much more. 

VoIP systems allow your team members to utilize their own mobile devices, which eliminates your general need for phone desks at your office. Call recording, video conferencing and advanced statistics are just a small snippet of what you can benefit from when you invest in the advanced features associated with VoIP phone systems. 

Increased Team Mobility 

A lot of companies throughout Columbus OH have transitioned to remote working or hybrid work settings, and this has made VoIP services even more valuable than they were prior to the COVID pandemic. 

When your company has the freedom to move about and still meet business demands without the necessity of a traditional phone system, it opens the door to endless possibilities and improved mobility among your employees. 

If your company’s future is mobile, then your company’s future is also VoIP! 

Very Reliable 

What’s great about VoIP phone systems is that they can continue to run even when your company’s Web connection is down, and this is because your system will transition through a mobile app in these scenarios. This means that power outages are no longer a huge risk like they used to be.

VoIP systems are also backed up through multiple data centers that help maintain your company’s most valuable storage and communication needs.

Simplified Management 

VoIP phones are meant to be pretty straightforward, and your team will easily learn new features pretty quickly as you invest in them. 

And if your team is used to conventional phone systems, they’ll likely see VoIP as a more simplified system!

Effective Business Communications 

Because your business will be reaping the rewards of many different VoIP features, your entire communication strategy will be a lot more effective. This pertains to both internal and external communications, and your team members will never miss a call when you invest in VoIP phones. 

This is because if one of your team members isn’t currently available, they can forward their calls to another team member. You can also have your office calls instantly transferred to your mobile devices, which means you can answer calls no matter where you’re currently located. 

Simplified Installations & Setups 

Another huge benefit of VoIP business phone systems is that they’re very easy to install, especially as compared to their traditional counterparts. All you’ll need to do is virtually plug in your VoIP phones to your company’s Web connection, and then let your third-party provider work their magic. 

Easy Conferencing 

Organizing and initiating conference calls can be rather complicated within traditional phone systems, but this isn’t the case with VoIP phone systems. You’ll be able to affordably organize these types of important conference calls as just another feature within your system, which can help you save a lot in the long run. 

Video conferencing is also becoming very popular within VoIP systems, and it’ll likely become a standard feature in the near future. These types of conference calls will include screenshare capabilities that make it easier for every participant to remain on the same page as important information is discussed. 

Third-Party App Integrations 

Most third-party telecom providers understand how businesses use multiple apps for their organization and everyday needs. These common types of apps include things like ERPs, CRMs, and other vital types of software. 

Although a VoIP phone system might offer some of the features found within these apps, most providers will be capable of integrating your existing software data within your phone system for more comprehensive data control and organization. 

Contact Data Talk To Learn More About VoIP Phones In Columbus Ohio! 

There’s absolutely no denying how VoIP phone systems are the future for business communications, and it’s likely that every company will switch to the Cloud within the next 10-15 years.

This means that your business should start getting ahead of these societal curves now, and the best way to do this is by partnering up with a third-party telecom company like Data Talk. 

Data Talk is one of the leading telecom businesses located in Columbus Ohio, and they’re available to answer your questions when you go to the link located at the top of this article!