Be Aware of Push-Pull Attachments and Slip Sheets

The slip sheet is a great substitute for bulky, heavy, as well as costly plastic or wooden pallets and enables businesses to stop using pallets altogether.

Slip sheets, which are used in commercial transportation, are pallet-sized thin sheets made of plastic, corrugated fibreboard, or laminated kraft paperboard.

If you want to manage slip sheets along with a push and pull attachment for exchanging the load out of one pallet to another, then Top Industries has designed push pull slip sheet arrangement so that you can safely do the operation.

Slip sheets can be used for pushing or drawing a load onto and off of the platens of the push-pull attachment. They can be utilised similarly to a pallet and they are positioned beneath the weight.

As businesses have started recognising the opportunity for return on investment, hence slip sheets are growing in popularity. They can offer more benefits than pallets. The slip sheet offers a business great possibility for efficiency gain as well as cost reduction.

A slip sheet, as opposed to a pallet, is inexpensive enough to be discarded after each use and doesn’t require tracking or maintenance. In addition, it is lighter than a wooden pallet.

As a result, you may fit more products on slip sheets into the truck or container, making the most efficient use of available space and reducing transportation expenses. When compared to pallets, it is relatively thin and takes up much less room in storage.

Slip sheets are thought to be environmentally beneficial and are simple to recycle because of the growing number of businesses that make them from recycled materials.

A forklift needs to be fitted with the appropriate Push-Pull attachment in order to make use of a slip sheet. Instead of forks, this hydraulic attachment employs polished, tapering platens.

Push-pull attachments, as their name suggests, can either pull loads by grasping the slip sheet’s end or push loads off the platens and onto the ground, the top of a pallet, or another object. To facilitate entry and egress, platens may also be hydraulically moved from side to side.

Handling by push-pull attachment

Standard forks are replaced with the Push Pull attachment, which is attached to the forklift using a hydraulic pipe. The forklift is ready to handle slip sheets once it is mounted.

The faceplate and also its gripper is ejected for clasping the guiding on the slip sheet pallet. All that it needs is the faceplate to be used for pulling the Slip Sheet pallet on the flat forks.

The forklift loads quickly, and the goods are moved. The same principles apply to unloading. The Slip Sheet pallet is pushed onto the container or truck by the faceplate and is then prepared for shipping.

Any industry can make use of slip sheets. These slip sheets work perfectly with export businesses in a procedure known as “pallet less handling.” A one-way wooden pallet can easily be replaced with slip sheets, which lowers transportation costs and boosts revenue.

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