Dhanush And Shruthi Hassan Movie Is Showing On AHA OTT

Shruthi Hassan fans? Have you watched Three yet? Telugu movies are a constant favorite among the Indian audience. The industry has been flooding the movie market with entertaining releases every year.

With OTT apps available in abundance, the audience is fast shifting from other media platforms. OTT has made viewing content very convenient and fast. Regional OTT apps have come into existence with the necessary demand for local content. AHA is one such app which brings in a diverse range of Telugu specific movie, shows and web series for its users. The demand for other south-Indian movies is equally high.

A lot of Tamil and Malayalam movies are dubbed in Telugu for viewers around the country. If you have been planning on searching for watch online movies, you know where to find them now. View top dramas and series streaming on AHA without the usual complications. Watching movies have never been this fun!

Three – A love saga

Directed by Aishwarya R Dhanush, Three is a beautiful romantic depiction of two lovers Ram and Janani. The beginning shows the lead character, Ram’s death and a heartbroken Janani. The film has a touching storyline and an immaculate flow.

The movie cast includes Dhanush, Shruti Hassan, Prabhu, Bhanupriya, Rohini, Siva Karthikeyan, and Sunder Ramu. AnirudhRavichander creates a stir with the soundtracks and Velraj adds an intense depth to the plot with intriguing shots. Three portrays the three stages of love blossoming between the lead duo.

Three is very different from routine love stories that are commercial and light-hearted. It explores dark themes that give it an exciting undertone. The question as to why Ram kills himself forms the crux of the story. Dhanush and Shruthi are a treat to the eyes with their compelling performances. The story deals with psychological issues and portrays them pretty impactfully. A thrilling ride, Three is a real-time love story that delves into everyday issues of stress and anxiety. It is a sincere and fresh take on romantic genres. Three is sure to melt hearts.

AHA – Delve into the realm of Telugu cinema

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