Give your wardrobe a trendy look with exclusive designing ideas

Modern bedrooms without wardrobes cannot be imaged these days. It has engraved very deep into our minds and therefore when we think of bedroom and furniture the thing that pops up into our minds is the bed and wardrobe. Modern homes have a single wall completely dedicated to the wardrobe. As it covers a wall, it is our responsibility to make it look attractive and to keep the room organized and neat.

Some of the functional and stunning wardrobes designs that can give your bedroom a trendy look are discussed as follows:

  1. Mirrors and patterns

Mirrors in small rooms create an illusion of space. Mirrors on both sides of the wardrobe doors along with beautiful patterns in the middle portion are modern and trendy. It looks gorgeous and increases its utility.

  1. Designer wardrobe

In a designer wardrobe, there are long wooden handles on the doors and a pull-up door on the wardrobe’s side having slanting racks from where you can slide and take out the shoes and accessories conveniently.

  1. An open door wardrobe

Open door wardrobes can make clothes dirtied with dust. However, if you wish to keep your wardrobe open for the sake of convenience, you can select glass doors for it. Make room for small drawers, hangers, and shelves inside the room so that it remains organized and does not look cluttered.

  1. Hinge door wardrobe

When you opt for this wardrobe design for your bedroom, you create space available in your room. It has various configurations and fittings and this wardrobe has drawers built with standard quality materials. This wardrobe is very popular and it increases the storage space of your room.

  1. Classic mirror wardrobe

A classic design wardrobe for bedrooms gives an antic look to the bedrooms. It has a fashionable look and this wooden wardrobe gives an old look. This wardrobe has limited shelves and it suits best a single person. As these wardrobes are made of recycled materials the wardrobe cabinets have a long life too.

  1. Wardrobe with dresser

This wardrobe is perfect for couples. It is a new kind of wardrobe for bedrooms that are very much in trend. This design adds additional space to the bedroom in a dressing table form. It reduces the necessity of a dressing table. It is a perfect match for your bedroom when you want more space and multipurpose furniture.

  1. L-shaped wardrobe for kids

A kid’s bedroom shall need the maximum amount of storage space. Books, clothes, shoes, and toys. The list is very long. Kid’s bedroom is usually smaller compared to the master bedroom and therefore you need to make additional effort to fit the wardrobe perfectly into the room. You can add open shelves, drawers, long shelves, and some creativity so that it looks energetic and attractive.

You can increase the utility of a wardrobe with proper design. So, if you have a plan of putting up a gorgeous, multipurpose, and cost-effective wardrobe ponder over various designs as stated here.