How To Travel Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta?

Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur are the two capitals of a country in Southeast Asia that are always busy with tourists. For those of you who reside in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia and want to travel to Jakarta, there are several things you should know. Such as the history of the city, tourist attractions, transportation, and accommodation while there. Besides that, choosing the right flight will also make your journey from Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta more comfortable. Let’s find out the information through the following article.

All About Kuala Lumpur

Located at the Klang and Gombak rivers’ confluence, Kuala Lumpur is the national capital and most populous town in Malaysia. A giant valley, Klang Valley, highlights the landscape of this city. The valley is outlined by Titiwangsa Falls on its few small ranges on its west. On its north and the south is the Strait of Malacca. The most notable thing about this town is its heritage. All of the British colonials, Indian migrant’s Chinese rulers have come around this town. Dwelt in this place and inadvertently left an indelible mark in the land’s culture. Bringing a remarkable potpourri.

More About Jakarta

Jakarta, a city famous for its culture, religions, traditions, and languages, is the funds and Indonesia’s most fantastic city. The metropolis’s attractiveness can be noticed that it boasts of islands having a population of more than 9 million individuals. Placed on the coast of West Java, Jakarta is the center of Indonesia’s commerce and business sectors. As a result of the natural beauty, lush outfields, and the building, the town attracts a variety of travelers throughout the world. Among the intriguing facts about this beautiful town is that it comprises over 300 cultural groups talking about 200 different languages.

Being the Gateway to Indonesia’s tourism, Jakarta is known for its hospitality and vibrant atmosphere. This city’s history is deep-rooted, so when roaming in and around town, you’ll find out the world and some extraordinary truth about Indonesia. The fast pace site situation makes Jakarta one of the tourists center on the world’s map. People like to hang out with friends, and the nightlife is quite exciting and loved in pubs, clubs, and restaurants. The restaurants in the park are famous for their preferences. Jakarta is a place that is great as you’ll discover enormous malls packed with all of the branded shops, food courts, and entertainment complexes. Moving out through the night adds some magical moments in your life.

As the climate stays dry and quite pleasant, the best time to visit is from May to October. To book your Jakarta tour bundle at desirable rates, you may log on This dedicated portal enables you to perform your entire tour related services within a few clicks of your mouse.

Between Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta

Kuala Lumpur is situated in Malaysia with (3.1412,101.6865) coordinates, and Jakarta is located in Indonesia with (-6.2146,106.8451) coordinates. The calculated flying distance from Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta is equivalent. The distance between Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur is 1530 kilometers if you want to go by car. Suppose you ride an automobile with an average of 112 kilometers/hour (70 miles/h). In that case, journey time is going to be 13 hours, 39 minutes. Please assess the avg. Speed travel time table to the right for choices. The difference between a fly and then also proceed by a car is 342 km.

Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta via Airway

Here! For convenience and to save time, then decide on airway travel. The closest airport for Jakarta is Jakarta Airport, along with also the IATA code for the same is JKT. There are just five airlines operating flights between both destinations and about six flights transport from Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta each week. There’s not any shortage of choices if you’re currently interested in Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta flights. Many airlines provide both direct and direct flights between both destinations. Some of Them Are AirAsia Indonesia, AirAsia, Singapore Airlines Batik Air. Out of them, flights operate. They cost significantly less than flights, although flights might demand traveling time.

Ready to start your getaway to Jakarta? Visit Wonderful Indonesia, and don’t miss out on the magic!