Why You Should Choose Radiant Moissanite Rings For Your Engagement?

Cannot decide whether to buy a diamond or platinum ring for your engagement day? Well, it would be nice to opt for any of these two but it would certainly be nicer if you choose more prudently in that case. Hopefully, you will be advantaged if select radiant moissanite rings to make your special occasion more vibrant or glorious. You might ask why it is suggested to opt for moissanite rings over the diamond or platinum ones. A great many points can be lifted to justify this question.

You can have a look at them to make your mind to go for moissanite. Maybe, that would assist you to understand more about the positive aspects of the same. But, before everything else you should know what this is in reality and is the major and noticeable difference between a moissanite and a diamond.

What is moissanite?

It is a rarely found gemstone scientifically known as silicon carbide or SiC. It was discovered by a French chemist in the year 1893. The name moissanite has come from its discoverer’s name Henri Moissan.

Now, this gemstone is manufactured in the labs for offering a great amount so that people can utilize its beauty and elegance by making and using jewelry. Experts have spent years after years for making this stone available for everyone. Even, the colors have also been improvised due to the increasing demands of the customers. Now, being a customer, you must know the details of diamonds also. That will help you to differentiate these two.

What is the diamond?

This is one of the most precious and radiant stones found on the earth. It is a pure carbon or a solid form of carbon. The carbon atoms are arranged in a crystal structure within the diamonds. Diamonds have been possessing huge popularity from the very beginning of civilization. People throughout the globe have been using the same either for ornamenting themselves or for decorating also. But, the decoration was performed only by the then upper-class people. Now, it is quite an impossible task for them also to decorate interiors with diamonds because of the uprising prices of this stone.

When you are thinking of a present for your beloved on your special day, so many things are there to consider also. Learn all the facts before opting for a moissanite ring.

Moissanite offers a great outlook like a diamond does

So many people think diamonds would be a better choice but that is not correct. Moissanite also allows you to feel the same as it also resembles the outlook of diamonds. The shine and sparkle are not less than the diamond and innumerable young ones are thoroughly in love with the glow of this stone. In fact, moissanite can be a perfect substitute for the diamond and they look so similar that people often mistake moissanite of being diamond. You can rightly imagine how wonderful a moissanite ring will look. Is not?

Check the authenticity

Here, a fact needs to be mentioned. Being a customer, you must be aware of getting cheated. Always buy your moissanite ring from a genuine place. Check the authenticity completely so that you will receive the total benefit. You can order online also but for this, you should know the actual size of the finger. Otherwise, the ring will not fit perfectly. So, it is better to confirm the size and the shape that would definitely be liked by your dear one. Or else, you may surprise him or her too. It’s totally dependent on your wish.

Fire and brilliance offered by moissanite and diamond

Another significant thing is that you should be aware of from the very beginning. Diamond offers fire and brilliance that signify colored flashes and white flashes accordingly. Moissanite also offers both though more fire is associated with the stone. Quite naturally, moissanite has more colored flashes than that of the diamond. Still, it is very difficult to differentiate these two stones if you do not have good knowledge about jewelry or stones. But there is nothing to get worried or tensed about this issue. There are so many authentic jewelry makers, who will deliver you the best ever quality indeed.

Colors offered by these two stones

Once, moissanite came only in yellow or brown color but people desired to get the same essence of the diamond through it. Hence, so much researches were done by the experts and now, whitish toned moissanite has come to the market to fulfil the wishes of the diamond-loving people. The classic yellow-colored moissanite is also available along with these new ones offering the similarity with diamonds. People are really fond of the colorless or nearly colorless moissanite stone. Remember, moissanite can change its color according to the effect of the lights. That is a bit good also, is not?

Other significant differences

Moissanite is created in the labs and hence, they look absolutely flawless, unlike the mined diamonds. On the contrary, the imperfect looking diamonds are more expensive than the moissanite. Diamonds are harder than moissanite but moissanite also proffers a great sturdiness which is not at all less than the diamonds. You cannot use a diamond ring or jewelry on a regular basis while a moissanite ring allows you to wear it daily as it will not demand heavy maintenance from your end.

Well, in spite of all these beneficial facets, a great many people like to go for diamonds because of tradition and status. In addition to that, people love to get the natural factors associated with diamonds. Still, numberless people are choosing moissanite over diamonds because of the previously listed factors. You can also opt-out of the traditional aspect as going with the flow and generation would certainly be an intelligent choice. On the other hand, the price is going to suit your pocket also.


So, what are you waiting for now? Just avail a wonderful looking moissanite ring to bring a bright smile on the face of your loved one.