The art of minimalism and why it works in photography

Minimalism is not always an acceptable choice. Sometimes you are forced to adopt minimalism to express your photography because you live in a place where there is a lack of subjects to photograph.

What is minimalism?

Minimalism is a way of photographic expression where the subject is surrounded by negative space and, therefore, it is accentuated in the frame. In that sense, minimalism is a part of negative space and the way negative space is utilized in photography. When someone looks at a minimalist image, the image’s main subject automatically draws attention. I know there are many more people who are more skilled and experienced in this genre of photography. We’ll have a different definition of minimalism in photography, but this is what I understand about minimalism.

Minimalism is a subjective thing. My definition of minimalism may or may not match what another person may feel about minimalism. What appears minimalistic to me may seem complex to another individual.

How to incorporate minimalism in your photography?

The most important thing to note is that minimalism requires a subject that stands out. Even if that subject occupies a small portion of the whole frame, it needs to be strikingly different from the rest of the frame. Let’s say you photograph a tree in a wilderness environment where there is nothing else in the frame. The composition will be a tree with nothing else surrounding it, strikingly contrasting with the rest of the frame.

Use colors to experiment with minimalism

what are the striking ways of capturing minimalism in your photography is to use contrasting colors. by contrasting colors, I refer to a dominant color in the frame and then a secondary color which may or may not be a complementary color that forms the subject. An example could be where a scene is dominated by one color, maybe green, and then the subject in red forms the point of focus.

Play around with shallow depth of field

When used judiciously, depth of field can also help produce a minimalistic effect in your photography. The ideal way to use depth of field is to use a fast wide aperture lens. Lenses such as the f/1.8 or faster are ideally suitable for capturing the shallow depth of field.

Use negative space

One important thing about minimalism is using negative space in your composition. It is one of the most sure-shot ways to capture minimalism in your compositions. Negative space in minimalism works because it essentially involves isolating the subject by eliminating everything else in the composition.

Use the rules of composition

one of the rules of composition that I frequently use when creating minimalism in photography Is the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds helps create a compelling composition. It emphasizes the subject by placing it strategically in the frame.

Create isolation

One of the simplest methods of achieving minimalism in photography is to create isolation of the subject. You can experiment by positioning the subject in the frame until you can isolate the subject and create a compelling composition.

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