What Fuel Cards can I Use at Esso in Singapore?

Utilising a bank card to pay for your fuel usage is a wise choice for any type of experienced vehicle driver or motorcyclist. A petrol credit card in Singapore uses appealing discount rates if you understand how to cash in on the advantages. With fuel expenses growing, this can give you substantial cost savings on a monthly basis.

If you are a motorist, you’re possibly looking for the best card for Esso petrol in Singapore. Excellent information, we have done the research for you, as well as determined the ones which will suit your demands the most.

How Petroleum Credit Cards in Singapore Work

Primarily, you can use any kind of credit card to spend on petrol in Singapore. Nonetheless, not all cards come with the same terrific financial savings. If you are a vehicle driver with regular monthly petrol costs, it is best to have a credit card which gives you the appropriate deals. These cards commonly provide cashback offers, immediate price cuts, as well as factors which can be used for redemption.

How to Maximise Your Petrol Savings

Below are some ideas on how you can stretch your petrol financial savings with a fuel credit card in Singapore.

Select a favoured petrol station

Selecting a preferred petroleum station near you not just offers you exclusive benefits but likewise helps you conserve fuel expenses over time given that you do not need to drive too far.

Select your petrol credit card

Choose a fuel credit card which provides you with the most price cuts at your selection of petrol stations. You may read our two comparisons provided below for discovering the most effective ones on the Esso stations.

Opt for a wider series of benefits

If there are a number of selections of petroleum credit cards where the financial savings get on par, choose one that will provide you included incentives in other category spends, such as at grocery stores, as well as dining establishments.

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Two Best Petrol Cards for Esso Stations in Singapore

While there are many credit cards which will assist you to save money on fuel prices in Singapore, we have picked the two best ones for you. These cards can likewise be utilised at Esso petrol stations. Here’re some essential benefits, as well as evergreen incentives for the cards:

Citi Money Back Card

Key advantages:

  • 20.88% fuel financial savings at Esso, as well as Shell petrol stations
  • 8% cash back on other fuel terminals, such as Caltex, and grocery stores worldwide
  • 6% cash back on restaurants, as well as coffee shops worldwide

Other rewards as well as promotions:

  • Obtain S$300 cash when you spend S$800 in the first two months
  • Get a first-year annual cost waiver and a 5,000 bonus offer Citi Miles when you use, as well as invest S$800 in 2 months

DBS Esso Card

Key advantages:

  • Approximately 21.6% fuel cost savings at Esso petrol stations
  • Automatically be enlisted into the Esso Smiles Driver Incentives program and gain 1 smile per litre of Synergy petrol, S$10 split second petrol redemption with 300 Smiles factors, as well as S$30 immediate fuel redemption with 750 Smiles factors

Other rewards and promotions:

    • S$120 Esso fuel reductions if you invest S$180 each month for 3 consecutive months from the time of card approval
  • S$60 Esso fuel reductions if you are spending S$180 in any kind of two of the initial three months from the time of card authorisation

Drive Smart and Save

Reducing fuel is not only concerning choosing the petrol station which provides you with the cheapest prices for every litre of petrol. By touching on the optimum discount rates, as well as various other refunds, you’ll reach appreciate the most discounts. Many petroleum credit cards give maximum discounts and money refunds to selected fuel firms. Consequently, the most effective petrol credit card is one that is matched to your recommended petrol station. Remember that your driving style, the problem of your vehicle’s engine, and other aspects can additionally affect your fuel consumption.

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