The Best Way To Maintain Your Evaporative Cooler

An evaporative cooler is one that makes use of the air in the environment as it passes through the fan, the already wet pads cool the hot air that comes in from outside and then give out that moist-cool air that you enjoy. The satisfaction that comes from using Portacool evaporative coolers is one that must be experienced to be understood. The benefit of using an evaporative cooler is a lot which is why knowing how to maintain your evaporative cooler will help you to continue enjoying it for a long period of time and will also let you know when you need to change or replace anything in it.

Maintaining portacool evaporative coolers is cheaper than you expect. Cleaning the outer layer also known as the body with a clean damp cloth or foam. This will help to wipe away dust around the body. Cleaning the inner layer which includes the foam, blade and valve should be done every two to three weeks to remove the build-up of dirt or dust. It would also help to prevent the smell that comes from the damp foam used to dispense water. If after cleaning, you discover that any of the components are not in good shape, you can easily get a replacement from the store closest to you that sells the parts suitable for the evaporative cooler.

If your evaporative cooler uses a hose, you can also clean it to prevent the dust from storing up inside the hose. You may decide to use your evaporative cooler on the patio because you just want to look out and have a view of what is happening around you or at the farm for a period of time. After this period, it is best that you drain out whatever water that remains in the tank of the cooler and disconnect the hose if it uses one. After this, dry out your evaporative cooler and make sure it is completely dry before taking it to the storeroom to keep it till the next time you need it this will help prevent rusting.

Portacool evaporative coolers are easier to maintain if you would agree with me and can be easily managed without employing the services of someone else which would cost more as you would be paying for the services rendered. Even after cleaning up your evaporative cooler, you can easily replace any part that is worn out or rusted without the fear of how to go about it. The method is straightforward and easier when compared to your air conditioner.