Unique Boat Party Ideas to Try on Board of a Luxury Yacht in Tenerife

Every traveller loves to be part of a cruise party. Partying the whole day or enjoying night-life under the stars while cruising in ocean is a real thrill.  Hence, many native people and organisers of tours in Tenerife prefer to plan boat party.

Party enjoying in boats is a distinct experience no one wants to miss, thus if you are planning for such exciting parties by hiring a boat in Tenerife contact Club Canary. There programs like Blue Ocean Yacht Tenerife gives a wonderful opportunity to plan adventurous boat trips where you can entertain your guests by throwing distinctive parties.

Here are some ideas that will establish you as a great party host:

  • Theme parties: It may seem old fashion however they are still the craze of party lovers. Only you need to choose an uncommon subject like long last royalties, cartoon characters who no longer are displayed on marvel comics pages, real horrifying Halloween costumes, the retro costume of 60s and more. These themes are more suitable for night parties arranged under the twinkling stars and lighted by a chain of small bulbs all over the boat.
  • Parties to enjoy an event: It can be an engagement party, wedding anniversary and even a party being part of the wedding celebration. Most parties start in the early morning hours and continue till late at night. Hence, it is best to make simple arrangements and to concentrate more on entertaining the guests. All these kinds of parties can be arranged by decorating the whole boat by adorning every place with colourful seasonal flowers. At night candle lighted at every dining table is sure to bring in the romantic solace atmosphere everyone loves to soak with their partners.
  • There will be other celebrating parties where you need to concentrate more on the water activities your guests will enjoy the most. Some of the most exciting ones are dolphins and whales watched while boating, snorkelling, diving and more.
  • Now, many are first-time goers of the boat party. They have booked their ticket or have been invited to attend a cruise party. They remain confused about how to prepare themselves for such parties they have never been to before.

Here are some useful tips for them:

  • You need to be more concerned about your comfort as boat parties don’t always end in a few hours. Thus wear a comfortable dress and footwear. It is best to avoid high heels, long flowing dresses or tight dresses. You can avoid wearing light colour dresses as they may get stained easily and spoil your party mood.
  • You should have your makeup kit, a dozen of tissue papers, sunscreen lotion, a jacket, cap, goggles and medicine to avoid sea motion sickness.
  • You should also be prepared for swimming in midst of the ocean as part of the water games, thus pack your swimming suit or wear it under your casual dress. You need to have a couple of towels to dry yourself. However, make sure to have a plastic bag to carry your wet things.

Enjoy a boat party and treasure the wonderful moments of your life.