The Ultimate Mail Delivery Service


For years, there have been several mail delivery services for individuals. Yet, if you ask anyone which is the most efficient and safest way of mail delivery, they will have different options. Well, it is understandable because the mail delivery services and companies in the region make it quite challenging. 

Everything You Need to Know About EDDM

You will be able to identify yourself with the best EDDM service. This will help you if you have always found it challenging to identify yourself with one mail delivery service. The article focuses on exciting facts about EDDM that you might find impressive and make you change your mind on ways of receiving your mails. EDDM means every door direct mail service. It is affordable and systematic for businesses and companies looking to target specific areas in their regional market without the need to cite names and addresses on the mailpieces.

EDDM services are an excellent option to reach multiple people within your local market. Additionally, the technology allows you to contact the same households via email marketing and web banner ads.

EDDM Services

There are alternatives for using EDDM services. However, these alternatives require an individual to have an account with USPS through the Business Customer Gateway. These options include;

  • Retail EDDM services: If you opt to use the retail EDDM services, you can mail them at your local Post Office. You don’t need a mailing authorization for this particular option. However, Standard Mail flats are the only mailpieces available, and the price is significantly more than the BMEU option. Additionally, each retail location has a 5,000-piece limit for mail entry.
  • BMEU EDDM services: You can use a Business Mail Entry Unit to send mail. A postal license is required for this option. Standard Mail flats, irregular parcels, periodicals, and bound printed matter flats are the only mailpieces allowed. However, there is no limit. This option offers a more significant reduction in your shipping rate.

3 Things You Need to Consider When Using EDDM Services

For mailers, the advantages of the best EDDM services include lower postal rates and eliminating the need to rent or buy a mailing list. Furthermore, you will not require a mailing permit if you prefer to mail from a Post Office retail location. There are, however, other factors to consider, and some mailers may discover that a focused mailing offers superior value. These factors include:

Clarify the Delivery Region

For you to offer the best EDDM services, it is vital to define the geographical delivery area. This means that you need to select one or more ZIP codes and carrier routes. The USPS EDDM site provides devices to define and view your local delivery area after registering for the business account.

Getting in Touch with Your Intended Audience

When creating direct mail, it’s critical to ensure you’re speaking with your desired audience. For example, if your target audience is everyone in a particular neighborhood, EDDM could be a suitable fit. If your mailing is for one specific group of people, however, you could find that preparing a focused list mailing is more beneficial.

If you utilize EDDM, make sure to research demographics for your product and candidate delivery locations to ensure that your mailing reaches the people who are most likely to benefit from your product or service.

Taking into Account the Reaction to Your Mailing

Name and address information are not included in EDDM mailpieces. The mailpiece may appear to the recipient as unwelcome advertising by removing the address.

Steps for Preparing Mail

The following are some steps you need to follow to generate the best EDDM services:

  • Generating postal documentation
  • Printing the mail pieces
  • Bundling the mails
  • Dropping the mails for delivery


If you have been looking for mail service for your business, the best option is EDDM services. Whether you are looking for mail delivery for small or large businesses, you will have the best experience. In addition, an effective direct mail marketing approach can raise brand awareness and bolster your firm, whether you’re just starting out or simply trying to get more people through the door. While spending your advertising budget on digital marketing efforts or a social media presence may be tempting, one channel will almost always reach consumers directly: their physical mailboxes.