3 Tips for Acquiring a French bulldog Puppy

Many people are willing to adopt but there are also people who perhaps have never had a dog. To facilitate the buying of a French bulldog puppy, we have three most crucial tips for you.

Choosing a good French bulldog breeder –

If you are clear that you want a good Frenchie puppy, the first thing you have to do is look for a good breeder of the breed to be sure that it is a good, healthy, and under the breed standard. Find a breeder with a good reputation and get to know him. By breeder we do not mean a hatchery. A breeder gives us a guarantee that the puppy comes from healthy parents, without genetic problems and with all the papers in order. It is a very important decision and that is why you must do it well.

Choosing a French bulldog puppy –

A puppy is not a toy, be it French bulldog or a Pug. A puppy, regardless of the species, it needs attention and a lot of dedication in its first months of life. Choose the sex that you like the most, taking into account that male tend to be aggressive, and females have heat in every 6 months. But both genders are cool, loving, and lovable. The color will depend on the availability of the breeder and the parents that have crossed. As for the attitude of the French bulldog puppy, you can choose one that you see more active or another that seems calmer.

Care and needs of the French bulldog puppy –

Educate your French bulldog from a puppy, as an adult it is more complicated. Having a French bulldog is the best decision you can have. You will have to be patient with him learning to relieve himself on the street. They are very clever but they are animals. When they are little, their teeth come out. They want to bite everything. You will have to have an arsenal of toys to entertain them. The education of the French bulldog has to be carried out since they are puppies.

You will have to go out several times a day, rain, snow, sun or cold. Dogs need their daily walks, not only to relieve themselves, but to exercise, interact with other dogs, and breathe fresh air. If you are not going to have time to properly entertain your French bulldog, it is better that you do not have it.