Pearls – Some Astonishing Facts about the Queen of Gemstone That Has Captured People’s Heart

Pearls have been treasured for several years. In ancient times, a family’s status was determined with number of pearl jewellery they wore. Pearl is considered the defeater of moon and therefore astrologers also consider it as a precious gem that can help in stability and prosperity. Those who have moon obstructing their life in horoscope are suggested to wear pearl as a ring or pendant as a protection.

Natural pearls are rare quality of gem that is available at a very high price. The lustre, size, shape, quality and colour determine the price of any pearl. Natural pearls are very unique therefore, they are either the centrepiece or sold as collective item. However, imitation pearl is found in every jewellery store and they are authentic as well, because they are cultured by farmers with lot of effort. Numerous online sites like also sell authentic pearls which are provided by warranty. If any shopping site or store denies providing a warranty then switches to another store.

Everybody is fascinated by pearls, but very rare know some amazing facts about them –

  • They are the only gemstone that appear from a creature, oyster. Other gems are created by Mother Earth, after magma cools down.
  • Natural pearls are considered the costliest and valuable gem because out of 10,000 oysters only 1 shell will contain a natural pearl. Since, natural pearls are rarely found, also cultured or cultivated pearls are still unable to meet the demand, natural pearls are priceless.
  • The credit for cultivated pearls goes to Kokichi Mikimoto who brought a revolution in the pearl industry and there is a pearl named after him.
  • Le Peregrina is considered popular and historical piece of pear-shaped pearl. It is 550 years old and has travelled among royal families of Queen Mary, Napoleon Bonaparte and Elizabeth Taylor.
  • The oldest pearl which was found in United Arab Emirates at the gravesite is 7500 years old and is named as Umm al Quwain.
  • There are four types of pearls, first are the freshwater pearls, second are Akoya or saltwater pearls, third are Tahitian or black pearls and fourth is the South Sea pearls.
  • Every pearl takes a particular set of time period to develop in a shell and the minimum time taken is six months.

As you study more about pearls, you will realize that it isn’t only a jewel that is used for fashion and accessories, but it is also considered a popular gem among those who were born in the month of June. June birthstone is supposed to be a sign of loyalty, purity and clarity, and pearl is the best suited stone.