Review of Logistics Network Design

Today’s erratic economic conditions and incredible logistics dynamics are causing manufacturing and distribution companies to more and more more more use logistics network design and optimisation just like a proper and tactical solution to be able to satisfy customer demand, improve overall corporate performance and switch relevant within the volatile global marketplace. Being confronted with continuous challenge to compete and acquire today’s marketplace, companies can not afford to not consider the potential for network design and optimisation.


Designing a logistics network is a crucial kinds of evaluating alternative logistics strategies selecting the network that maximises profitability helping improve performance each and every link within the logistics. If delivered effectively, a network re-design and optimisation project can drastically improve a company’s logistics performance in a number of areas:

Reduced logistics costs

Reduced transportation costs

Reduced inventory levels

Improved product margins

Elevated manufacturing throughput

Improved customer care

Better return on assets

The optimisation process is enabled by network design modeling, which gives effective decision support functionality to know complex logistics relationships.

Typical Network Design Problems

The issue to check out your own self is will the current logistics network optimally supply the organization plan and objectives? Once the option is no, you are to consider logistics network re-design and optimisation to be able to tackle probably most likely probably most likely probably the most challenging logistics dilemmas a company may face.

Logistics network design complaints are participating about exercising logistics infrastructure needs more than a multi-year proper planning horizon. The very best decisions can include location and capacity of facilities and warehouses together with sourcing allocations together and customers. The aim must be to provide the very best method to minimise total costs and offers your clients while using the finest possible amount of service.

By utilizing advanced mathematical technology, network design and optimisation can also be useful companies to uncover optimal ways of various questions inside the most proper anyway for tactical:

Just how can the price of fuel customize the network structure?

If there’s single or multiple sourcing?

Would the amount of DC’s impact total costs?

Where should each Electricity be found?

What lead occasions ought to be offered?

Where once the incremental capacity be incorporated?

May I pre-build inventory or increase capacity?

What’s the impact of adding blog range?

Optimisation options occur every single stage within the logistics combined with extent inside the particular logistics re-design effort is determined by business factors and the necessity to balance effort versus value came back.

Could Network Design & Optimisation Strengthen Your Company?

Companies can help to conserve bulk and considerably grow their logistics performance by utilizing network design modeling and expert consultant services. Logistics efficiency includes a fundamental impact within the base type of both earnings statements and balance sheets of organisations.

The kind of logistics network optimisation enables through getting an initial assessment of potential benefits before a big-scale project is began. The aim for businesses ought to be to embed the modeling leads to every day-to-day operations, developing a sustainable competitive advantage.

Logistics network design projects are often accomplished in 12-16 days combined with payback is frequently recognized inside the initial number of a few occasions of implementation. Companies that concentrate on their logistics network are frequently rewarded obtaining a affordable and customer responsive logistics.

Typical Logistics Network Modeling Approach

Network modeling may well be a effective tool to boost overall logistics performance. A network optimisation process usually involves modeling a subset inside the company’s products inside the logistics to discover the inventory and customer care enhancements that network design and optimisation gives you.

Once the objective must be to keep costs lower, improve customer care, or possibly be positioned for future growth, network optimisation and modeling helps hold the implementation plans needed to translate proper decisions into reality. An average method of modeling the availability chain network generally necessitates following phases: