Five Important Considerations When Installing New Kitchen Counters

Remodelling your kitchen can provide you with a significant return on your investment. Because of the value this home improvement project adds to your home, you must get it right. One of the decisions you will make is the kind of countertop to install.

When it comes to materials for comptoirs Entrepot Cuisine, there are many options you can choose from. But how do you pick the right material for your home? Keep reading to know the factors you should take into account when picking kitchen countertops for your home:

Kitchen Cabinet Quality

Before you choose your kitchen countertop material, you must consider the quality of your kitchen cabinets first. Are you thinking about keeping these cabinets or replacing them? If you think you will want to get new cabinets after a few years, you can save on installation costs when you replace everything at once.

In addition, you should also ensure the cabinets are strong enough to support the new counters’ weight. Lower-grade cabinets may not be structurally strong to hold up heavy counter materials.

Sink Configuration

Take into account your sink’s configuration when you replace your kitchen countertop. A farmhouse sink installed below the countertop level may be kept when you get new counters. However, if your sink sits on top of your counter, you may need to replace it or have a professional reconfigure the plumbing first.

The Backsplash

New countertops can give your kitchen a new look, particularly if you also want to get new cabinets. However, an outdated backsplash can look out of place or may not fit with the new counters.

So, if you are getting thicker countertops than what you used to have, the backsplash will run into them. also, you may want to make a new remodel design with the counter replacement. It may be a good idea to replace the backsplash when you get new counters.

Your Maintenance Desires

When you pick your countertop material, you also consider the amount of maintenance you wish to do with the new counters. Natural stones like granite and marble counters must be sealed regularly and require specialized care. Solid surface, quartz, and concrete counters require minimal maintenance. And natural materials such as wood and copper may not require lots of upkeep; however, they can look used and worn over time.

Your Budget

How much you will spend on your countertop project will be influenced by the size of the kitchen. However, your material of choice is the main factor. You may be able to invest in natural stone and quartz countertops if you have a big budget. If you have a limited budget, you may want to consider laminate and other options.